The 1975’s Announces Their Most Eco-Friendly Show Yet, Just Hours After Their Grammy Snub for ‘Give Yourself a Try’

The 1975 is breaking musical boundaries, making important artistic choices that relate to climate change, even featuring activist Greta Thunberg on one of their songs. For their upcoming outdoor performance in London, The 1975 is taking even bolder steps towards being environmentally friendly. Here’s how the group is brushing off their Grammy snub and ringing in their Notes on a Conditional Form era.

Matthew Healy performs with The 1975 on stage at The BRIT Awards 2017
Matthew Healy performs with The 1975 on stage at The BRIT Awards 2017 | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

The 1975 is going on tour during 2020, in conjunction with ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’

Matty Healy and the rest of The 1975 have never been shy about their political opinions. That is especially true of the group’s latest era, coinciding with their 2020 release, Notes on a Conditional Form.

The first single released from this album, “The 1975,” featured climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. The second song, “People,” acted as a sort of call-to-action for some fans, complete with angsty music and lyrics. Now, the group is turning their activism to their live shows, using their platform to raise awareness of climate change and, generally, being more sustainable.

This Grammy-nominated rock group announced a live concert, featuring artists Charli XCX, Clairo, and Pale Waves. This performance takes place on July 11, 2020, and will, reportedly, be The 1975’s most environmentally friendly show to date.

Singer Matthew Healy of the British band The 1975 perform live
Singer Matthew Healy of the British band The 1975 perform live | Frank Hoensch/Redferns

The 1975’s show in Finsbury Park is slated to be their most sustainable yet

This Finsbury Park show will be a historic one. According to Readdork, “for the first time ever in the UK, planned, traceable sustainably sourced HVO fuel from Europe will be used to power an entire event – bringing down the carbon footprint by 90%.” This will be the first paperless show in Finsbury Park, with guests using digital tickets.

“The 1975 have pledged to plant trees across the globe for every ticket sold through One Tree Planted initiative. Hybrid powered generators with solar arrays will be deployed, along with reducing generator sizes from extensive monitoring carried out in 2019. Food vendors will operate a traffic light system highlighting the carbon footprint of each meal sold,” the article continues.

This is not the first time The 1975 made strides in conservation at their concerts. Earlier in 2019, The 1975 created a sustainable merch line, using old t-shirts and hoodies that were not sold. The group continues to encourage this for their latest concert, allowing fans to bring old 1975 shirts (or those of any other band) to be reprinted with designs from the Notes on a Conditional Form era.

The 1975 also raises awareness regarding climate change with their music

Through their lyrics (and even with Matty Healy’s Twitter account,) this rock group isn’t afraid to stand up for the environment and for minority groups. That, of course, translates to their live performances, which oftentimes feature the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag during “Loving Someone” and pop culture images during “Love It If We Made It.”

The 1975 also embarks on a North American tour, beginning in April 2020. To learn more about the group’s upcoming live shows, visit their website. Notes on a Conditional Form will premiere during April 2020.

Until then, music by The 1975 is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.