The 1975 Is Helping to Save the Environment, Thanks to Their Old Merchandise

The 1975 has never been afraid to break, push, and set the boundaries in the music industry. Matty Healy kissed a fan during a concert in Dubai. They projected a rainbow during their song “Loving Someone” a few days after the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Now, The 1975 is making an environmental statement, by making sustainable merchandise for their Notes on a Conditional Form era. Learn more about The 1975 and their merchandise here.

The 1975 is preparing for the premiere of their album, ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’

It feels like just yesterday The 1975 released the first part of their Music For Cars era, entitled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. Even though the group’s next album, Notes on a Conditional Form, is a few months away, Matty Healy is making announcements about their live performances.

That includes a huge announcement about the merchandise available at upcoming events. The frontman stated that the group would not be making new merchandise for fans during this era.

The 1975 announced they would not be making new merchandise for upcoming live shows

This group has a few live showed lined up before the release date of Notes on a Conditional Form. As a result, frontman Matty Healy shared a message on his Instagram about new merchandise available at these performances.

“So here is the first drop. We are not making new shirts for now. Unsustainable,” Healy wrote on Instagram. “This run is all old shirts, (first album, early tours, etc.,) that we had kept and have reprinted as your NOACF shirts. You will also be able to bring any old 1975 shirt or ANY bands you love shirts to [the] Reading festival and have the same print done over the top there and then.”

Healy edited his caption to add that these reprints will be done for free at the upcoming live performances. Fans responded with love and admiration for the band’s decision, one commenting, “The 1975 is gonna save the world, and I‘ve been saying that since 2014.”

In addition to their sustainable tour merchandise, Matty Healy announced another plan towards helping the environment. On Twitter, the artist shared that The 1975 would be raising money for a reforestation effort.

The 1975  Matty Healy
Matty Healy of The 1975 | Photo by Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

The 1975 is donating money to reforestation charities

Sure, the band is being more sustainable with their merch. However, in true The 1975 fashion, the group took their efforts to the next level. This August, Matty Healy shared news about the funds raised from their live performances. Primarily, he shared information about the cost of being on the guest list.

“To all friends/artists/fans asking about [the] guest list for shows – [the guest list is] always available, but all will be charged the same price as the ticket, and the money will go to reforestation charities. Not trying to be woke, but it will make a difference,” Matty Healy tweeted.

This is not the first time the group made a political statement regarding the environment. For Notes on A Conditional Form, the group tweaked their iconic title track to feature activist Greta Thunberg and a speech about climate change.

One of the first singles off of their new album, entitled “People,” premieres Aug. 22, 2019. The group’s title track, “The 1975,” featuring Greta Thunberg, is currently available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major music platforms.