‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’: How Kelly Clarkson’s Name Made It Into That Wax Scene

One of the most memorable scenes from The 40-Year-Old Virgin is the waxing scene. It had many fans randomly shouting “Kelly Clarkson!” But how did her name make it into the movie? Here is the person who came up with the idea and more.

Steve Carell yells ‘Kelly Clarkson’ in ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Adam Christopher/NBCUniversal

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The movie showed Carell playing Andy, who is still a virgin at the age of 40. His friends are determined to help him lose his virginity.

That included giving him a makeover. They take him to a place to get his chest waxed. He curses at the woman waxing him, but one of the most famous lines from the movie is when Andy yells “Kelly Clarkson!”

Carell wrote the movie and he explained why he put this scene in the movie. “I thought it would be funny for the guys that were watching it in the scene,” he said on The Graham Norton Show. “Because there’s no way you can replicate that. There’s no way you can act the horror that you’re witnessing and the joy of watching a man go through something like that.”

The actor who waxed Steve Carell lied in her audition

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The scene included genuine reactions from his co-stars. Carell revealed that Romany Malco, who played Jay, actually left the scene because he was so “grossed out by the process.” Jay does say he has a weak stomach and this is all he could take before leaving.

He also revealed the actress who played the person waxing him claimed she knew how to wax in her audition, but that wasn’t true. Carell points out you’re supposed to put vaseline around the nipples when waxing and she didn’t know that. The only time they cut for the scene was when someone corrected her before waxing around his nipples.

Seth Rogen added her name to a list of words for the scene

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How did Clarkson’s name make it into the movie? Well, there was one person responsible for it.

Director, Judd Apatow appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show. She asked him if it was his fault Carell’s character screamed her name. “I’m gonna’ blame Seth Rogen because there’s a picture I think you have a piece of paper with all the curses that we gave Steve to scream when he gets waxed,” he explained. “And in the middle on the column that says ‘clean words,’ right in the middle it says Kelly Clarkson in Seth’s handwriting.”

Clarkson looked at the list and said “I love that I made it between burger panties and throbbing monkey tail.” She joked that no matter what she does in her life people will always remember her for being mentioned in that scene.