The ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Who Still Wants to Marry His Former Partner Even Though They’re Broken Up

Many 90 Day Fiancé couples don’t work out in the end. The show’s fans watch as the reality TV duos strive to make their relationships work amid such difficulties as long-distance, green card issues, and the pressure that comes along with newfound reality TV stardom.

Ash and Avery
Ash Naeck and Avery Warner | Instagram @averydopecool

Ash Naeck and Avery Warner have broken up

One such couple is Ash Naeck and Avery Warner. Ash recently revealed that he and Avery broke up a few weeks ago.

“Avery has a lot of trust issues and trust issues with men. We did break up on a situation where Avery felt trust was questioned. So on that basis, she decided to break up. Whether if it’s stupid or not, I think you guys will see it. I’ll leave that to the opinion of people,” he said in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on June 1.

When asked if there’s a possibility that Ash and Avery might get back together (because they tend to do that quite often), Ash said: “I don’t want to say yes and I don’t want to say no. You never know what can happen.” 

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90 Day Fiancé fans might recall a rumor that claimed Avery only got back with Ash after she learned he was cast in the show. In the June 1 interview, Ash confirmed the rumor. But he doesn’t like to think about their getting back together before filming in those terms.

“I’d like not to think like that. But I think it can be seen in two different ways where some people think, ‘You know what, she came back because of the show,’ and some would think it was a way for her to reconnect back again, I think,” he said.

Ash continued: “So for me, I went to the other side where maybe it’s a way to reconnect back. We reconnected and, yeah, that pretty much opened the door to be on the show. But from that point, that standpoint, people can have two different opinions right now.” 

Ash is still in love with Avery

Even though they’re currently not together, Ash says he won’t be dating anyone else anytime soon because he’s still in love with Avery.

“The reality is that I still love the girl. I still love her. So that’s not going to change so soon. We have departed but we have departed because of circumstances. And the reason of the departure is because, yeah, circumstances. Long-distance, the pressure of the show… I still love her. So for me to move on, it would take a while,” he said.

Ash continued: “It’s a lot of healing that needs to happen, personally. Everyone is different. Avery can move on very quickly or slowly, depending on the person. But for me, personally, it would take a little while for me to even think of a relationship in the near future.”

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Additionally, it seems like, despite their breakup, Ash still wants to marry Avery.

“Would you still be interested in marrying her?” asked the interviewer.

A big smile crept across Ash’s face.

“I think the smile tells you a lot,” he said.

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