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Early into The Amazing Race 32, a major alliance including five teams, the Mine Five, formed and has stayed strong throughout the first seven legs. While alliances aren’t uncommon in TAR, many fans aren’t enjoying the dominating group and believe it’s “ruining” the season.

'The Amazing Race' - Pictured L-R: Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee
‘The Amazing Race’ – Pictured L-R: Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee | Timothy Kuratek

Mine Five alliance formed early in ‘The Amazing Race 32’

After flying to Bogotá, Columbia for the second leg, the teams had to find the Nemocón Salt Mine and search for 10 or 20-minute hourglasses to Yield competitors later in the competition before signing up for a departure time.

The first five teams to sign up departed for the next task earlier than the remaining teams and decided to align to maintain their spots at the top. Boyfriends Will and James later solidified the alliance between themselves, professional volleyball players Riley and Maddison, married parents Hung and Chee, former NFL stars DeAngelo and Gary, and siblings Eswar and Aparna.

Throughout the first six legs, the teams have helped each other complete the detours and roadblocks by sharing information. However, Hung and Chee and Riley and Maddison are becoming annoyed with the former NFL players as they feel the team doesn’t contribute to the group.

Some fans think the alliance is ‘ruining’ the season

During Leg 6, the teams had to rappel face-first down a building and memorize flashing letters they needed to unscramble to spell out the word “sauerkraut.”

Hung figured out the word and gave the answer to three of her allies. However, the task proved difficult as other teams had a hard time trying to unscramble the word

Therefore, many fans noted their irritation in a Reddit thread as they thought the alliance “rendered” the task pointless. Additionally, the challenge could have tripped up a strong team, causing them to fall to the bottom.

One Reddit user noted they feel the alliance has “removed the drama of the season,” while another believes the group includes too many teams, making the season boring.

Other viewers don’t mind the five-team alliance

On the other hand, some Reddit users argued the dominating group allows room for “really good storytelling” as they have found themselves rooting for Kaylynn and Haley as a result.

Other fans have noticed the cracks forming in the Mine Five and hope they turn on each other soon, with Hung and Chee leading the charge, bringing the highly requested drama into the season.

One viewer admitted they enjoy TAR32 because their favorite teams are in the dominating alliance. Additionally, they, and others, feel the Mine Five haven’t done much to help each other over the past legs as the teams can only do the majority of the tasks on their own.


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Another Reddit user noted they loved the implementation of strategy this season because “big, strong, game-breaking alliances” aren’t common on the series, making it more “impressive” when a team can create it.

Following Leo and Alana’s elimination, Kaylynn and Haley are the only duo outside of the Mine Five left, so the alliance will have to turn on each other soon. The Amazing Race 32 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.