‘The Bachelor’: 2 Villains Leave, But 1 Contestant Steps Up in Their Place

On The Bachelor with Matt James, on Feb. 1, 2021, two villains finally went home. The two women continuously spread rumors and called the other contestants names. While fans rejoiced, they immediately knew who would step up to cause drama in their place. 

The Bachelor contestants Ryan and Magi with Matt James | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’: Matt James sends 2 villains home

On Feb. 1, 2021, Matt James began the show by confronting the women about the “toxic environment” they built in the house. He asked Brittany Galvin about what happened with the other contestants, and she broke down in tears. She confessed that Anna Redman spread rumors about her, that she was an escort in her hometown.

After hearing the truth from the 23-year-old model, James spoke to Anna about the comment. When Anna admitted that she did spread the rumor, James sent her home. 

Next, Ryan Claytor spoke privately with the Bachelor and also began crying. She told James that Victoria Larson called her a derogatory name. The 26-year-old dancer admitted that Victoria was creating drama and toxicity in the house. During the rose ceremony, James did not give Victoria a rose. Instead, the Bachelor sent both “villains” home. 

‘The Bachelor’ fans knew which contestant would become the next villain — MJ

Many fans were happy when both Victoria and Anna went home on Feb. 1, 2021. However, after James kept Meredith “MJ” Snyder during the rose ceremony, they knew she would become the next villain. 

“MJ is the new Victoria to the producers now,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

As the episode continued, it became evident that the fans were correct. 

“This is my fourth group date, and let me tell you, I’m not thrilled,” MJ said during a private confessional. “There’s a lot of girls here. Always fighting for someone’s attention does get exhausting.”

During the group date, MJ went out of her way to be the center of attention. Several of the other Bachelor contestants pointed out that her tricks were working on James.

Matt James told MJ that her name came up as an ‘antagonist’

Later on in the evening, James told MJ that the other contestants mentioned her as someone who instigates problems in the house. MJ was furious and immediately asked the other women who talked about her to James. 

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When MJ lied about what happened, James sent a two-on-one card to the women. When The Bachelor opens on Feb. 8, 2021, MJ and Jessenia will plead their cases to James, hoping they don’t look like villains. One woman will be sent home. The conversation began before James arrived. 

“This is embarrassing,” MJ told Jessenia. “I am embarrassed to be here, but I am here because you said my name. You put my character in question with Matt based on an accusation you made about my character. I am furious right now.”

The show ended with the two girls arguing over who James is going to believe.