‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber on Why He Believed Victoria Fuller Over Ex-Girlfriend, Merissa Pence

The Bachelor 2020 has truly been a season full of dramatic surprises. But, perhaps nothing has been as surprising (at least thus far) as Victoria Fuller’s hometown date. Fuller and her behavior have been called into question several times throughout the season. From her treatment of Weber almost every time he tried to have a serious conversation with her, to her being booted off the cover of Cosmopolitan, Fuller seemed to be constantly caught up in controversy. But, the biggest controversy involved rumors that Fuller had “broken up” several marriages.

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller The Bachelor 2020
Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

A quick recap on the Victoria Fuller rumors

Prior to The Bachelor 2020 airing, Reality Steve shared that he received countless negative tips about Fuller and her past. The blogger expressed his concerns that multiple people, native to Virginia Beach, reached out to let him know that Fuller had been intimate with multiple married men, including a man married to a friend of hers. Of course, these rumors probably would have remained online if Weber’s ex-girlfriend didn’t show up unannounced to warn the pilot about them.

The Bachelor 2020 featured the most dramatic hometown date

Fuller and Weber seemed to finally be getting along great during the first half of her hometown date. But, things took a turn for the worse when his ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence showed up. Pence and Weber dated years ago prior to The Bachelor 2020 and even before his time on The Bachelorette. According to Pence, she felt compelled to share her thoughts about Fuller with Weber because she knew him personally and didn’t want him to end up with someone like Fuller.

Despite Pence’s warnings, Weber ultimately chose to believe Fuller and they continued their relationship into fantasy suite week. Fans were baffled by the choice as they felt that Fuller barely denied the claims. But just why did Weber choose to give Fuller the rose? And what made him take her side over someone that he’d dated in the past? In a recent interview with Glamour, Weber revealed that he and Fuller did have a more detailed conversation about the accusations. Unfortunately, The Bachelor 2020 producers elected not to air that part of the conversation.

Why Peter Weber believed Fuller over ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence

“In regards to the information I was given from Merissa that day in Virginia Beach, there was a big part of the conversation that just wasn’t able to make it on the show. And that’s because the show can only air so much. I get that,” Weber shared. The bachelor then explained that he had a stronger and more serious relationship with Fuller and therefore he chose to believe her side of the story over Pence’s.

“Victoria was able to explain her side of it, the relationship she had with Merissa, and why Merissa possibly would have made claims like that. I think it’s very important to state that it was not a serious relationship I ever had with Merissa. I maybe saw her four times in a matter of a month. It was much more serious with Victoria, and that factored into my decision,” the pilot continued.

Weber says he truly trusted Fuller

Weber also shared that there were a lot of other factors that led him to believe Fuller over Pence that Bachelor Nation wasn’t privy to. “Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t able to get that information, and it maybe came off like, ‘Why is Peter making this decision?’ I trusted Victoria, and there’s more personal stuff to it that will stay between the two of us. I learned a lot about Victoria, especially in the fantasy suite, and that made me feel confident about [believing Fuller’s side of things],” Weber concluded.

Merissa Pence on Victoria Fuller The Bachelor
Merissa Pence Instagram story

But what is Weber’s relationship with Pence now that The Bachelor 2020 has almost concluded? According to Weber, there isn’t one. He revealed that there has been no communication with her since that faithful day in Virginia Beach. It’s clear that despite it all, Weber’s trust lies in Fuller. Whether that trust is founded or not remains a mystery to us all.