‘The Bachelor’ 2020: Did the Producers Ruin Peter Weber’s Season?

After 24 seasons of The Bachelor, it’s very clear to fans that The Bachelor 2020 is truly “the most dramatic season” in the franchise’s long history. But, most fans of the franchise are fully fed up with Peter Weber’s season and his journey to find love. In fact, the nonstop drama has caused even the most loyal fans to stop watching mid-season. And while some fans are pointing fingers at Weber for allowing the drama to persist, others are placing the blame on the producers for creating the drama to begin with.

The Bachelor 2020 cast
The Bachelor 2020 cast | ABC/Craig Sjodin

A quick recap of The Bachelor 2020

The producers of The Bachelor have always helped drama along, but this season they seem to have done more than usual to ensure that Weber’s season was a dumpster fire. The Bachelor 2020 didn’t get off to an auspicious start when the producers cast one the youngest and most dramatic casts to date. Furthermore, they forced Weber’s ex-girlfriend, Hannah Brown, to come back just to cause more drama.

Did the producers spoil Peter Weber’s season

In addition to that, the producers failed to warn Hannah Ann Sluss about Kelsey Weier’s special champagne, invited Victoria Fuller’s alleged ex-boyfriend to perform on their one-on-one date, barely allowed Weber’s ex to confront him about Fuller’s sordid past, neglected to invite a fan favorite to the Women Tell All show, and forced the final three contestants of The Bachelor 2020 to room together during fantasy suite dates. As the rooming situation has never happened before in the history of the show, fans are convinced that the producers just did it to cause drama and force the women, but especially Madison Prewett, into an awkward situation.

Fans are outraged by how the producers meddled with contestants

Longtime fans of the show are making the ire known on social media. They believe that producers of The Bachelor 2020 have ruined the season and it’s no longer enjoyable. Some viewers are even calling the producers the real villains of the season. “For a show supposedly designed to help people find love, the producers are adamant on setting them up to fail over and over and over. They are the real villains, creating the perfect scenarios so someone, anyone gets hurt all while masquerading as a show that supports love and marriage. It’s too sad to watch anymore, :(” one disappointed fan wrote on Instagram. “The producers suck this season. Way too heavy-handed. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s a loyal fan is so over this kind of crap,” another long-time viewer chimed in.

Is Season 24 beyond repair

Other people are sticking up for Weber and saying the bachelor shouldn’t be receiving blame for the drama because he was set up. “Peter was being sabotaged by producers since the beginning… it’s not his fault his season was a sh*tshow. How is he supposed to keep up if there’s new drama everyday? He did the best he can with what he was given. I hope he’s truly happy now and made the right choice in the end. If he’s with madison or not… I hope they’re still able to work it out and be on good terms,” one person wrote.

Other fans compared The Bachelor 2020 to other reality tv shows that they perceive to be trashier and scripted. “This is just wrong. Producers have turned this show into Jersey Shore. The intent is to help the Bachelor find true love. There’s been nothing “true” about this season. The producers have sabotaged Peter’s season. Makes me sad,” one person declared. Hopefully, the franchise will be able to learn from Weber’s season and do better in the future for the sake of their fans. But, we wouldn’t reccommend holding your breath.