‘The Bachelor’ 2020: This Sneaky Clue Might Help You Spoil Peter Weber’s Season

Bachelor Nation rejoice! The Bachelor 2020 premieres tonight on ABC, featuring the lovable Peter Weber aka Pilot Pete. Though there was some backlash with the franchise shirking diversity once again with their casting, plenty of people are more than excited to tune in. Chris Harrison promises that this really will be the “most dramatic season in Bachelor history.” But, if you’re unwilling to wait for the drama unfold, you might be able to find out who The Bachelor 2020 winner is ahead of schedule.

Peter Weber and The Bachelor 2020 cast
The Bachelor 2020 cast | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Will fans know who The Bachelor 2020 winner is before the finale

It’s been a long time since The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or even Bachelor in Paradise were spoiler-free. In the age of social media, one rogue comment on Instagram or Twitter can take you from being completely clueless about how the season will turn out, to being in the know. Furthermore, even though the couples aren’t supposed to be seen together in public, they often meet up anyway “in disguise.” Unfortunately, said disguises aren’t always good enough to mask their true identities from loyal fans.

A history of spoilers

Another thing that contributes to spoilers are the live studio audiences. As the finale shows (dubbed After the Final Rose) are often recorded a few hours to weeks from before they air, (depending on the show) many fans in the audience will speak about who won prior to the show airing. Time zones can present loyal fans with spoiler issues as well. The franchise has caught flak in the past for posting about the winners before the show has finished airing on the west coast. But, perhaps the biggest culprit of spoilers in The Bachelor franchise is none other than Reality Steve.

Reality Steve spills the tea about contestants

Reality Steve, known legally as Stephen Carbone, has been spoiling The Bachelor and its respective spin-offs for the past eight years. The blogger is fed tips from anonymous sources for each and every part of the show. Though Reality Steve has been wrong in the past, he has accurately spoiled The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise for the last three years. He is considered the authority on all things within the franchise and is fully expected to spoil The Bachelor 2020, much to the dismay of the show’s producers.

How a Bachelor fan found out about Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph

But, if spoilers are your thing, you might just be able to find out which contestant stole Weber’s heart even before Reality Steve. A few weeks ago, a Bachelor superfan revealed the sneaky way she was able to find out that Cassie Randolph won Colton Underwood’s season before anyone else. She admitted to stalking Underwood’s activity on the popular cash transaction app, Venmo, to see who he was spending money (and therefore time) with. “What’s the most psycho thing you did in 2019? I’ll go first! I stalked Colton’s Venmo friends to see who he picked and then I knew who won the Bachelor months before anyone else did,” the fan tweeted.

Will Peter Weber spoil his season by using Venmo

Immediately, the tweet gained tons of attention with over 174,000 likes and nearly 7,400 retweets. The tweet even caught the attention of Underwood himself. “Major props to you,” he tweeted in response. Using Venmo as a tool to find out who won the show might have been a little unorthodox, but it was certainly accurate. In fact, fans might be able to use it to predict the winner of The Bachelor 2020 if Weber uses the app. Hopefully, ABC won’t place any restrictions on the winners’ usage of Venmo after learning about this clever trick. But, even if they do, we doubt that will stop spoilers altogether.