‘The Bachelor’: Why Some Fans Are Already Pissed About the 5 New Contestants

Though The Bachelor might be seen as just another reality TV show for some, being chosen as a contestant for the show is actually an extremely competitive process. This was especially true for The Bachelor 2021. For the first time in the show’s 25 seasons, a Black man was chosen to lead the show. Matt James was selected prior to ever competing on any show in the franchise and, as a result, ABC received the most applications of all time.

The Bachelor 2021 contestants
The Bachelor 25 cast | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Because there were so many applications for The Bachelor 2021, the number of contestants competing for James’ heart is at an all-time high too. A record number 32 women met the former footballer on night one, making for an extremely competitive and dramatic season. But, that doesn’t mean that producers weren’t armed and ready to create even more drama and controversy.

Five new contestants are joining ‘The Bachelor’ 2021 on tonight’s episode

As if things weren’t chaotic enough, previews for the episode airing tonight, January 25, 2021, revealed that 5 new contestants would be joining James’ season of The Bachelor. Naturally, this is bound to cause tons of drama as it did when the producers did something similar on Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette. But it seems that plenty of fans aren’t pleased about the additions to the cast.

On January 22, 2021, The Bachelor franchise revealed the five additional contestants to the world via their official Instagram page. “Head to our Stories to get to know the women ✨joining✨ Matt’s season of #TheBachelor on Monday!,” a post read, also featuring photos of the new additions. While some fans were excited about some fresh faces, plenty of people had negative things to say.

Instagram users express outrage

“SO disrespectful to the other ladies who have been there since day one,” one long-time fan of The Bachelor wrote in the comments. “You guys are trying to come up with drama to get us to watch… we’re already watching don’t be disrespectful!”

Another Instagram user quickly agreed that The Bachelor producers were merely trying to get reactions out of current candidates. “Stop with the constant additions,” they wrote. “It’s hard enough for him to build bonds you’re messing with people’s heads when you pull this crap. Please let’s get some legit relationships happening and not a Jerry Springer show!”

Viewers on Instagram express outrage about the cast additions

“This is ridiculous!!!!” another Bachelor viewer declared. “What exactly is the point in this? Quit trying to see how much drama you can bring to the show and let’s focus on the love story!!!! Losing interest and watched faithfully since Season 1.”

Someone else quickly chimed in that they missed the time when The Bachelor producers weren’t constantly trying to cause drama in the hopes of boosting ratings. “This is getting ridiculous… getting tired of the stunts,” they penned on Instagram. “There was a time when this show was real and not producer motivated. Stop the stunts please.”

Some fans of ‘The Bachelor’ believe the producers added new contestants for diversity

Other fans of The Bachelor even suggested that The Bachelor producers were simply trying to squeeze in as much diversity as possible after 24 seasons of dismal diversity representation. “*HURRY we have to squeeze in as many minority/ethnic/women of color as possible, before the season ends; so that we can’t be targeted and deemed as racist white supremacists; and become a victim of the rapidly growing cancel culture!!!*” another person commented.


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Despite the backlash, some fans of The Bachelor are thrilled by the new additions. “I’m just watching this season for the amazing women at this point and I’m LIT for these 5! BEAUTIFUL,” they wrote. We can understand why some people are frustrated by the ever-increasing drama on The Bachelor. Perhaps that’s part of the reason that the show has received low ratings in recent episodes.