‘The Bachelor’ 2021: Is This The Worst Group of Women in the Franchise’s History?

Any fan of The Bachelor knows that there’s always drama between the contestants and The Bachelor 2021 is no exception. Considering that this is the largest cast that the franchise has seen in its 25 seasons, a bit of fighting between the women was to be expected. However, this season seems to have more than one “villain” and plenty of fans are completley fed up with the behavior that the contestants are exhibiting.

The Bachelor 2021 contestants
The Bachelor 25 cast | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Of course, The Bachelor 2021 is hardly the first time that fans have expressed issues with the contestants chosen. Cast members from Peter Weber’s season of the show received some pretty negative backlash also. Perhaps that is why the producers chose a lead for The Bachelorette from outside of Weber’s season for the first time in years. Still, the backlash that Matt James’ contestants are receiving seems to be surpassing that of Weber’s contestants with every passing week.

‘The Bachelor’ 2021 has been particularly dramatic

Some fans of The Bachelor are particularly disgusted with the behavior of the contestants from the past few episodes. Many fans believe that the majority of women are complicit in bullyings, slut-shaming, and starting rumors. Though some fans have singled out Katie Thurston as someone who doesn’t seem to be involved in the drama, collectively, the group is receiving lots of heat.

“Are we serious with this season?” one person wrote in the comments of the official Instagram page for The Bachelor 2021. “The bullying, the shaming, and just the petty BS makes me sick. Let’s hope Matt doesn’t end up with women like this. Most of these ladies don’t deserve to be on here. Teaching younger ladies that acting like this is okay is so wrong.”

Some fans on Instagram are fed up with the contestants from Season 25

“These girls are nasty!” another fan of The Bachelor penned. “And it’s not only Victoria, watching the episode I am thinking how pretty much everyone apart from Katie (kudos to her for having the guts to stand up to it and do what’s right even though she’s the only one) acted terribly and continued with petty mean girl behaviour. Anna was horrible. Serena C, MJ, Pieper, Chelsea, Jessenia, and a few other girls were incredibly rude and saying very hurtful things, smirking and laughing. Even the girls I thought were nice like Abigail, Bri, and Serena P really disappointed. Not only did they not stand up for bullying but they encouraged it with laughter. So disappointed. At this point, I am only watching for Katie and I hope she stays long since she is the one to carry all the episodes…”


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Ratings for ‘The Bachelor’ have been plummeting thanks to its dramatic cast

Other fans are not only disappointed with the contestants for The Bachelor 2021, but also with the franchise itself. They believe production is allowing women to be rewarded for bad behavior. Furthermore, many fans on Twitter and Instagram are disgusted that the franchise has yet to speak out and condemn bullying on the show especially considering they had a whole segment about it during the Women Tell All episode from The Bachelor 2020. While some people may enjoy the drama that the show provides, low ratings would indicate that far more people are over the constant cattiness that has been on display so far this season.