‘The Bachelor’ 2022: Gabby Windey Sets the Record Straight About Dating Blake Horstmann

The Bachelor 2022 with Clayton Echard premiered on Jan. 3, and audiences met the 30 different women vying for his attention. One of those women happens to be Gabby Windey. However, this isn’t her first time dipping her toe in the Bachelor Nation dating pool. Gabby’s history with The Bachelor includes not one but two men who previously appeared in the franchise.

[Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Gabby Windey and her time on ‘The Bachelor’ with Clayton Echard.]

'The Bachelor' 2022 star Gabby Windey in a gold dress presents Glayton Echard with a pillow with his face on it in a shot from the season premiere.
‘The Bachelor’ star Gabby Windey | ABC/John Fleenor

Who has ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 star Gabby Windey dated in the past?

After her debut on The Bachelor, word quickly spread that Gabby had dated two Bachelor alums. However, she recently sat down with Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasalo on the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast to set the record straight.

Gabby clarified that she does, indeed, have a history with Dean Unglert. Dean appeared on The Bachelorette Season 13 with Rachel Lindsay but was eliminated in week eight. He’s also appeared in a few seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor Winter Games.

Before The Bachelor 2022 began, Dean appeared on the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast. He teased his relationship with Gabby but didn’t reveal her name. 

The Bachelor alum said, “She was, like, one of the main exes. She was my girlfriend from college. Producers called me and were like, ‘Hey, we’re thinking of casting this person — what do you think of her? We know that you dated 10 years ago.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, she’s great. If she gets selected for the show, she’ll either win the show or she’ll be the next Bachelorette.’ And I firmly believe that.”

Gabby also had nothing but good things to say about Dean to Mike and Bryan. The Bachelor star said, “I dated Dean over 10 years ago, maybe 18 or 19. He’s one of my first loves. It’s a distant past from my experience on The Bachelor and Clayton and I’s story. It’s very much its own thing. I’m almost really grateful that it was far in the past so I can focus on Clayton.”

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Gabby Windey and Blake Horstmann were just friends

On the same episode of Help! I Suck at Dating, Blake said that he and Dean “have the same taste in girls.” Blake also revealed he told Dean that he and Gabby “hung out for a couple of months.” While he didn’t come out and explicitly say the two dated in the past, Gabby took it that way.

She explained to Mike and Bryan that Blake told people the two previously dated, but she was happy to get a chance to clarify their relationship. 

“Blake and I had mutual friends when I first got out of college. We never actually went out on a date. No drinks paid for, no dinner paid for. He’s saying we dated. He’s like definitely a friend of friends. We had spent time together and stuff, but definitely no official dating. Nothing formal. No exclusivity. And, again, it was a really long time ago,” The Bachelor 2022 star said to the hosts.

Will Gabby Windey and Clayton Echard wind up together on ‘The Bachelor’ 2022?

Reality Steve revealed some spoilers about Gabby’s time with Clayton on this season of The Bachelor. However, he admits he still doesn’t know who wins the seasons and whether or not Clayton proposes. Although Gabby makes it to the final four women, it’s still unknown if she’s now sporting a diamond ring on her hand, courtesy of Clayton.

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