‘The Bachelor’ 2022: Who Does Clayton Echard Pick for His Top 3? Reality Steve’s Spoilers Will Make Your Jaw Drop

New year, new Bachelor. The Bachelor 2022 started with quite the bang in the season premiere on Jan. 3, 2022. From one woman having a little too much to drink to another rejecting Clayton Echard’s first rose of the season – it all happened on night one. However, now that all of that excitement is out of the way let’s look at spoilers for Clayton’s entire season.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 with Clayton Echard.]

'The Bachelor' 2022 contestant Susie Evans in a white evening gown smiling with her hands up as she's talking to Clayton Echard in the season premiere.
‘The Bachelor’ 2022 contestant Susie Evans | ABC/John Fleenor

What to expect from ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 with Clayton Echard

Those familiar with The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises will recognize Clayton Echard as one of Michelle Young’s suitors. Michelle was the official Bachelorette for season 18 and ultimately didn’t connect with Clayton in the long haul. However, the St. Louis native clearly caught the attention of producers because it didn’t take long before he was announced as the next Bachelor. 

Who is the villain of Clayton Echard’s season of ‘The Bachelor?’

The premiere showcased a villain early on, but her time this season was short-lived. Claire Heilig, a spray tanner from Virginia Beach, butted heads with several women in the premiere after she claimed to hate Clayton.

Claire attempted to get to know Clayton more and created a tailgating setup off to the side. The two spent a few minutes together playing cornhole and munching on wings, but their time together derailed when Mara asked to steal Clayton away. Claire became agitated when Clayton left to spend some time with Mara and quickly returned to the house, telling the women she couldn’t date “America’s sweetheart.”

After Clayton got wind of Claire’s tantrum, he quickly asked her to leave. 

While Claire certainly would’ve made an entertaining villain, the role this season actually goes to Shanae Ankney. Several previews for The Bachelor 2022 show Shanae engaged in arguments with others in the house. According to Bachelor detective, Reality Steve, Shanae, and Elizabeth do not get along. Fans even saw Shanae throwing a trophy in one of the clips.

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Who gets Hometown Dates in ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 with Clayton Echard?

Every season, the final four women get a chance to bring the Bachelor home to meet their friends and family. Out of the four, a winner emerges. Reality Steve revealed the four women to bring Clayton home to their families in The Bachelor 2022 are Susie Evans, Serene Russell, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia. However, the blogger only knows of one woman for sure who went home out of these four. Clayton eliminates Serene after their Hometown Date.

Clayton Echard confesses to being intimate with two women, but which ones?

The producers edited the promotional videos for The Bachelor 2022 in a way that makes it hard to tell who ends up as Clayton’s final two women. The footage audiences see includes Clayton confessing to two different women, but their backs are turned to the camera. In between that confession and video of women walking away in tears, Sarah Hamrick is also shown crying. However, if this happened in Iceland, Sarah wouldn’t be there. The blogger revealed she was eliminated before the trip.

Reality Steve wrote, “Most people assume now Gabby and Rachel are your final two based on that shot in Iceland. Certainly looks that way, but with the way the editing works and how tricky they can get sometimes, the only thing we know for sure is that whole scene happens in Iceland.” 

He continued, “Saying they’re the final 2 because that’s the only two you see there with their backs to us, I don’t know yet.”

Who does Clayton Echard choose as his winner in ‘The Bachelor’ 2022?

Right now, there’s no definitive answer on Clayton’s final pick. However, according to Reality Steve, odds point to a proposal in the finale.

“Clayton has said in interviews he found love, so he’s definitely with one of those 3, and most likely engaged. I doubt he’d be saying he found love in his post-show interviews and they’re just dating. Especially when all the guys on his season who vouched for him said he wants to be married and have kids. Not to mention, we know how hard the show pushes and engagement at the end of this thing, so yeah, not really breaking news to say that he’s most likely engaged.”

It looks like fans will have to wait and see how The Bachelor 2022 unfolds. Catch new episodes every Monday on ABC.

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