‘The Bachelor’: A Tweet Just Proved That Kelley Flanagan Actually Hates Peter Weber

The women on this season of The Bachelor have turned being catty into a sport. Up until now, for many of them, Peter Weber has taken a backseat to them one upping one another. There are very few women on the show that have not been problematic in some way.

Kelley Flanagan, on the other hand, has become an instant fan favorite. She doesn’t seem to be distracted by the drama at all, stays cool, calm, and collected, and just goes with the flow.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images) KELLEY, PETER WEBER

Her chill nature has actually become a source of contention between her and Weber as he is used to having women falling all over themselves to be with him. Last week, he questioned her intentions and whether or not she was really into him or not. Now, fans think this tweet might reveal that answer.

Peter and Kelley have history

Most women who go on The Bachelor don’t meet the guy who they are competing for until they move into the Bachelor mansion. But Flanagan and Weber actually met a few weeks before the show began filming when Flanagan was at a hotel for a friend’s wedding.

Because of this, the two seemed to have an instant connection and gravitated towards one another.

Does Kelley Flanagan like Peter Weber?

Weber and Flanagan’s relationship hit a bit of a snag once all of the drama started and Weber started to question if Flanagan was actually there for him. She assured him that she was but that she was also just riding the process out, having fun, and seeing where things went.

Well now, fan account @bachsleuthers has gotten ahold of a few tweets that Flanagan liked that prove that she might not be so fond of the Bachelor after all.

“I respect Kelly [sic] so much more than I thought I would because she clearly hates Peter and this process and she’s not hiding it,” one fan tweeted.

But that wasn’t the only tweet Flanagan liked that didn’t paint Weber in the best light.

“Pete is disrespectful to women who know what they are looking for, and call him out on his s–t—take Kelley for example: he rolled his eyes, interrupted her and asked her not to judge him? When she was being upfront and honest,” another fan wrote.

“How is it fair that Peter rolled his eyes and said he had to figure stuff out and Kelley is supposed to be understanding of that, but when Kelley said she was trying to figure out her way he wasn’t even remotely accepting of that,” the fan continued.

Fans love Kelley

Though Flanagan may not be all that into Weber, fans can’t get enough of her.

“It’s official,” one fan tweeted. “Kelley is too good for both Peter and this show. “

“Honestly the bachelor should never just be assumed to deserve all these women,” another person said. “Kelley is absolutely right. How has Peter earned any of their affection?? No man should be entitled to any woman’s love and efforts like in this setting just because he was picked by tv producers.”

“I’m sorry but Kelley is too mature for this show. she speaks only the truth,” another fan tweeted. “She sees that he wasn’t ready to be the Bachelor. That’s my unproblematic queen