‘The Bachelor’: Alum Says Peter Weber Is ‘Problematic’ for How He Handles the Contestants’ Dramatic Displays of Emotion

On this season of The Bachelor, drama begets drama. None of the contestants seem to like each other one bit, and they’re always crying. But something rather odd that a Bachelor alum recently noticed about Peter Weber? Pilot Pete seems to love it when the women get emotional. On her podcast, Bekah Martinez called his behavior “kind of problematic.”

Peter Weber and Chris Harrison on The Bachelor
Chris Harrison and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

The Bachelor Peter Weber and his trail of weeping women

Remember on her one-on-one date, when Kelley accused the Bachelor Peter Weber of “rewarding” the drama? Now, the picture is starting to become clearer. Every time a woman gets visibly emotional in front of Pilot Pete on this season of The Bachelor, he seems to fall right in love.

Look what happened on Hannah Ann’s one-on-one date. When they were talking, Weber seemed disappointed in Sluss’s answers to his questions. So disappointed, in fact, that he got up from the table and left.

Sluss then joined Weber, who was standing, staring at nothing, lost in thought (as so many Bachelors over the years have done). Now, she was crying; Sluss told Weber that when he left the table, she “broke down.”

Hannah Ann continued to weep as she told Pilot Pete how she felt. That’s when he went for the rose, and told her that this was what he wanted to see from her.

On Martinez and her co-host Jess Ambrose’s podcast Chatty Broads, they discussed how bad a look this was.

“Someone’s emotional display does not gauge their level of commitment to you or their level of realness in this experience,” Martinez said.

Martinez also described it as “kinda problematic.”

Podcast hosts point out that the contestants that Pilot Pete is most into are also the most emotive

Ambrose chimed in: “when you take the people that Peter feels connected to, they are Kelsey, they are Victoria F.” Kelsey, on this season of The Bachelor, was known for crying over a “stolen” bottle of champagne she was saving to share with Peter. (Tammy even accused her of crying over #ChampagneGate for four days). Victoria F., as we know, is a whole mess. There was the racist T-shirt modeling, and now there’s all the wandering into corners, crying, and threatening to leave the show.

The Chatty Broads have a point.

“All of the sudden when there’s drama,” Ambrose pointed out, he likes Alayah, again.

“Peter might have a little bit of a savior complex in him,” Ambrose continued. “He likes to be the savior that’s helping the damsel in distress and enjoys the rollercoaster of emotions.”

Alayah’s entrance on The Bachelor | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

She pointed out how Pilot Pete was really trying to maneuver some feelings out of Kelley, too:

He was trying to prod out of Kelley: ‘I need you to be a certain way for me think that you actually are into me.’ He was prodding it now out of Hannah Ann, being like, ‘I’m not getting this from you.’ And yet Victoria F., who all the sudden is like, ‘I’m so into you, but I don’t know if I can do this because it’s so hard,’ he’s like very impassioned by.

Pop psychology moment: can we trace this back to Weber’s parents?

“Well, Jess,” Martinez responded, “look at his mother.” She went deep on Weber’s psychology:

It seems like he idolizes his parents’ relationship and it seems like they do have a healthy relationship, and she just seems like a naturally emotional person, and so throughout his life he may be equating these heavy emotional displays with real love.

Earth to ‘The Bachelor’: Displays of big emotions do not equal love

Martinez also commented on how weird it was that Weber will say, “This is what I wanna see,” when a woman is fully weeping on The Bachelor.

“I’m like, you wanna see her bawling?” Ambrose joked. “I don’t understand.”

“Does she have to sob to you about how much she loves you for you to believe that she’s interested in being with you?” Martinez asked of Weber.

“She’s sobbing,” Martinez said of the recent episode of The Bachelor, laughing, “and he’s like, ‘let me go get the rose. It’s time for a rose now.'”

Peter and victoria on The Bachelor
Peter Weber and Victoria Paul on The Bachelor | John Fleenor via Getty Images

It is certainly an odd behavior for the Bachelor. In the past, many leads have tended to stay away from drama, often sending home those contestants who cause it, and keeping around women who make them feel relaxed and at ease.

“It’s just kinda crazy,” Martinez said. “The girls who are gonna throw themselves upon a stake for him are very much like … ‘you have made it onto the next step of the process.'”