‘The Bachelor’: Are Demi Burnett and Peter Weber Friends? Why the ‘BIP’ Alum Returns to the Reality Franchise

It’s time to move on from “Champagne Gate,” Bachelor Nation. The queen is back — so hold on tight. In The Bachelor Week 3 preview, ABC revealed Bachelor in Paradise‘s Demi Burnett will return to the franchise on Peter Weber’s season. But why is Burnett back? Don’t worry, it’s nothing like what happened with Hannah Brown in the premiere.

Why is Demi Burnett on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

From the looks of the Jan. 20 episode trailer, The Bachelor reeled in Burnett to host a group date. And according to the synopsis, courtesy of ABC, she “masterminds an ‘Extreme Pillow Fight Club.'”

“Special guest Demi Burnett surprises eight of the women with an early morning pillow fight,” the press release reads. “The bachelorettes, decked out in sexy sleepwear, get out all of their frustrations as they smack each other with fluffy pillows!”

So how did Burnett land the gig on Weber’s season? When speaking with Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Burnett revealed she is friends with Weber and how they met.

“We’re friends. We don’t talk every day or anything. But when they did the Men Tell All, he wasn’t there, but he lives around here,” Burnett said. “So I invited all the guys over after that and they had a little party. And it was really fun. It was nice to get to know him, and he was so sweet.”

Later, Burnett shared why Weber asked her to host a group date on The Bachelor.

“I think it’s just because I’m so fun and he knows that it would be a fun date and I would challenge the women to get out of their comfort zones,” she said. “And maybe intimidate them a little bit. You know, see how they handle all that.”

Burnett also explained her thought process behind the pillow fight.

“There is always so much tension in the mansion. And I know there’s a lot of aggression, especially if you have an issue with some of the other ladies,” she said. “What better way to let out all this aggression than a pillow fight? It’s harmless fun and it’s a good way to get out that aggression and have fun with it. And show Peter how much you wanna fight for him.”

What Demi Burnett thinks of Peter Weber’s women on ‘The Bachelor’

Still speaking with Lindsay and Kufrin, Burnett jumped into her thoughts on Weber’s women on The Bachelor. Initially, the Bachelor in Paradise alum noticed everyone’s charming looks. However, she also noticed “awkward, cold energy, and tension” among them.

“I think that every year, pretty much everyone is going on, open to finding love. But definitely should be on a TV show,” Burnett said. “This group of women, I think, is the most obvious that every single person there is there to be on TV.”

Burnett also teased the group date she hosted on Weber’s season. But it seems like things get pretty physical — and a little scary.

“Everyone was just really tense and ready to take down the other girl at whatever the cost was,” Burnett said. She also noted her surprise no one was injured “because they were really going at it.”

Demi Burnett on 'The Bachelor' Season 24 with Peter Weber
Demi Burnett on ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/John Fleenor

“There were times where people dropped the pillows and they were just attacking each other,” she continued. “It was really uncomfortable. I was really scared of one in particular.”

Burnett then named Sydney Hightower as one of the women she was afraid of. “She had a straight face, she barely said a word to me,” Burnett said. “I kept trying to talk to her, but she was just eyes on the prize. And the prize was taking down the girl.”

Regardless, Burnett mentioned she didn’t see Weber’s future wife in the mix from the group date — despite having personal favorites.

“I think that everyone was insecure and jealous,” Burnett said. “Everyone was really aggressive with the pillow fighting and stuff. I didn’t really get a vibe from anyone like, ‘I got this connection with Peter.'”

Demi Burnett believes Peter Weber will ‘find his girl’ on ‘The Bachelor’

No matter what happens in Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Burnett is supportive of her friend and his quest for love. That said, she also detailed the main obstacle Weber must face as he goes through his journey.

“I think the challenge will be to see who is going to be a good partner for him outside of this,” Burnett said. “And who’s not saying whatever they need to say and charming their way with him. He really, really deserves to find true love. I know he wants it. He’s a lover. So I think that’s going to be the biggest challenge — making sure that the girl has the purest intentions.”

But despite her impressions from the group date, Burnett believes Weber will find his person.

“I do, I really think that it will work for him,” she said. “I think he’s ready for it and he’s got a great cream of the crop group of women here. And yeah, I think he’ll probably find his wife. Maybe they’ll get engaged, maybe they won’t be. But I think he’ll definitely find his girl.”

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