‘The Bachelor’: Ashley Iaconetti Talks to Us About Her K-Y Partnership and Taking Charge of Sexual Health (Exclusive)

Former “The Bachelor” star Ashley Iaconetti chatted with us about her partnership with K-Y on a new initiative to promote better sex. This promotion, called Resting Pleasured Face, is focused on empowering women to enjoy pleasurable sex. As a fun part of her collaboration with the brand, they launched a nationwide contest, asking women to join the #RPF Pleasure Challenge and enter for a chance to become K-Y’s Chief Pleasure Officer.

Here’s what Iaconetti told Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the partnership and her thoughts on taking charge of sexual health.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: What prompted you to partner with K-Y?

Ashley Iaconetti | Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic
Ashley Iaconetti | Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Ashley Iaconetti: I started my Bachelor journey in 2015 and I was a virgin at the time, and they made a really big deal of it on the show. And it kind of followed me through my entire Bachelor journey. And I was really open about it. I got to a point where I was so comfortable talking about my virginity. Then I thought, now I’m married to one of the guys that I met on the show [Jared Haibon].

I thought, since I’m so open about my lack of having sex, I’m like hey, now that I’m married, I’m so comfortable talking about having sex. And K-Y has been one of the brands that I’ve loved throughout my experiences in the bedroom. It’s still a relatively new chapter in my life. And when they came to me, talking about their Resting Pleasured Face Challenge, I was like, this is a brand that I believe in, that I use, and I’ve always been a fan of promoting products that I use and love. And I was like, alright, let’s be open about it.

CS: Why is it important to be vocal about asking for what you want in bed?

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon in 2018 | Rich Fury/Getty Images for NYLON
Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon in 2018 | Rich Fury/Getty Images for NYLON

AI: I think when it comes to lube or anything you would buy in a sex shop, people wonder, ‘Why would you do that?’ And it’s because it makes you feel better. And you’re not going to get the sex that you want unless you communicate, and that is telling your partner what works and what doesn’t work for you but also what products enhance [sex]. That’s what I really thought about a lot with this campaign. Lube is an enhancer. That’s the perfect word for it.

Women should never be shy about saying, ‘Hey, this helps me in the bedroom. It makes the whole experience better. Don’t be shy about that. And the thing is, guys love it when you’re open and vocal about stuff that works because they want to please you to the maximum they can. At least if you have a good guy–or woman!

CS:  What advice would you give someone who is embarrassed to go to a store to purchase sexual wellness products?

Ashley Iaconetti encourages others to ask for what they want in bed. | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
Ashley Iaconetti encourages others to ask for what they want in bed. | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

AI: I feel like I would imagine I would have been a little bit shy about that, but since I’ve been sexually active, I haven’t been [shy]. Most people will probably look at the product when I’m checking out, especially if you’re at a sex shop. They are the friendliest, most helpful people. They’re so open about their sexuality.

So, don’t ever feel weird about going into a sex shop because they will tell you exactly what they like. But going into a drug store, I feel like when you’re checking out, the person is scanning it and thinking in their head, ‘Oh I like this too,’ or ‘I should probably try that.’ They’re definitely not like, ‘Oh, I wonder why she’s buying it.’ 

CS: At what point in your life did you become bold about asking for what you want in bed?

AI: I don’t know if there was an actual point, but I do remember thinking, ‘I think I will enjoy [sex] more if I have lube, and so then I got it. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because I was in an open, loving relationship. So, I would say becoming verbal with your partner is No. 1. Being able to freely communicate with them, even if it feels like it would be an awkward topic. Just bring it up, and they’re not going to think it’s awkward.

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