‘The Bachelor’: Publicist LoriK PR Spills Behind-the-Scenes Info About Contestants on Reddit AMA

Publicist Lori Krebs, known to fans of The Bachelor and its spinoff shows as “Lori K,” runs her own entertainment publicity company called LoriK PR. She has worked with clients from The Bachelor franchise such as Blake Horstmann, Hannah Godwin, and Dylan Barbour, and she recently took to Reddit to spill some behind-the-scenes info that she’s privy to as their representative. Find out what juice Krebs spilled on the Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) about her clients and other contestants on the show.

Lori Krebs spills behind-the-scenes info about 'The Bachelor' franchise contestants including Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in 2019 | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Lori Krebs revealed in her Reddit AMA that one contestant was really different in real life

Krebs revealed that former “villain” on The Bachelorette Jordan Kimball was much different than his extroverted on-screen persona.

“Meeting Jordan Kimball was nothing that I had expected,” Krebs said on the Reddit thread. “[In real life,] he’s super polite and low key… even timid! Was not expecting that.”

Lori Krebs advised one contestant against doing something that he did

Krebs represents Blake Horstmann, who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise in summer 2019. While on BIP, former Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes accused Horstmann of playing with her feelings at Stagecoach Festival months before filming had begun.

To clear his name, Horstmann released texts between himself and Miller-Keyes that were private conversations between the two people. Krebs said that Horstmann asked her advice before releasing the texts.

“It was a very difficult situation,” Krebs said in the AMA. “I had told him that releasing those texts won’t make the situation any better. He knew that but felt his hands were tied. This was a very devastating situation all around.”

Later in the thread, Krebs cited Horstmann as her favorite client to work with and as having the most “personal growth” from her clients in the entertainment industry since working with him.

“I tell him this all the time,” Krebs said. “He’s super-efficient, takes pride in what he does, very professional, so soft-spoken and respectful. One of the most loyal and genuine people I’ve ever worked with. That’s not to say the rest aren’t amazing — they are! He is just a gem of a human. Truly.”

Lori Krebs talked about her involvement in ‘setting up’ contestants from ‘The Bachelor’

Since Krebs represents multiple people from The Bachelor franchise, it makes sense that some fans would think that she “sets up” a Bachelor couple for more exposure for each party.

However, that’s not totally the case, according to Krebs.

“Blake [Horstmann] and Kristina [Schulman] I never had anything to do with,” Krebs said about the on-again, off-again pair that ended things for good on BIP. “[Horstmann] met Hannah [Godwin] through me when we were all in LA. Dylan [Barbour, Godwin’s fiancé] met Hannah once briefly through me once in LA. What’s goes on in their DMs and who messages who is out of my control!”

As for more behind-the-scenes juice, Krebs said that couple Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch are even more beautiful in person and that former Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay is “super sweet” and “very beautiful” in real life, as well.

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