‘The Bachelor’: Bri Springs Reveals She Never Spoke To Matt James at ‘After the Final Rose’ Taping

The Bachelor’s recently-aired After the Final Rose special made waves across the internet when bachelor Matt James reconnected with contestants Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young. There was a ton of controversy leading up to the show due to Kirkconnell being connected to racially-insensitive images. 

Yet, while the drama surrounding James and Kirkconnell took up most of the show’s airtime, he did share a moment with Young, during which the two discussed the conclusion of their relationship. However, many viewers didn’t understand why the season’s second runner-up, Bri Springs was not seen on the special. 

Springs recently revealed that although she was on set to record the After the Final Rose special, none of her scenes made it to air. In fact, she never even got the chance to talk to James, which is shocking to many. 

Bri Springs didn’t talk to Matt James at ‘After the Final Rose’ special 

Bri Springs and Matt James on a date while filming season 25 of 'The Bachelor'
Bri Springs and Matt James on a date while filming season 25 of ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin/Getty Images

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Springs shared the surprising fact during a recent interview with Extra

“I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to Matt,” Springs admitted. “I did not talk to him at After the Final Rose.” 

Springs took the high road during the interview, stating that she didn’t mind not speaking with James since she’d already gotten closure on their relationship. 

“I mean, I think it’s just the fact that maybe I just had the closure that I needed,” Springs said. “That’s what was so hard about this season, is a lot of diverse and in-depth stories really got overshadowed by a lot of the controversy. And like I said, important conversations that needed to be had that I can respect on one hand. But on the other hand, it was disappointing.” 

Bri was blindsided by Matt’s decision not to pick her

Even though she has closure now, Springs admitted that she was shocked when James eliminated her from The Bachelor. 

“I was definitely blindsided,” Springs said. “You know, I thought for a long time that it was going to be me at the end of this, and while it wasn’t me, it did become increasingly—it occurred to me, at some point, there was a turning point that his connections were probably stronger with some of the other women in the house …”

She got closure after watching this season of ‘The Bachelor’

Springs’ relaxed attitude about her non-interaction with James is largely due to the fact that she has already moved on. She explained later in the interview that she found her own closure after she watched the playback of this season. 

“I do feel that watching it back, as odd as it sounds, gave me the closure that I needed to move forward,” Springs said. “I mean, I think it was very obvious to the audience where Matt’s heart was the entire time. And while I felt blindsided in that moment, watching it back it was like a ‘Oh,’ like a no-brainer to me. Him and Rachel were madly in love with each other and I was able to see it for exactly what it was.”