‘The Bachelor’: Caelynn Apologizes To Tayshia For Her Harsh Words

Long before Colton Underwood jumped the fence for her, Cassie Randolph, along with Caelynn Miller-Keyes, caused a fair amount of controversy on Season 23 of The Bachelor.

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images TAYSHIA

After word got out to Underwood that some women were not ready for an engagement, he pressured 3rd place winner, Tayshia Adams, to tell him if she’d seen or heard anything suspicious. Adams admitted that she felt that Randolph and Miller-Keyes weren’t there for the right reasons because they were already talking about the next bachelorette.

When Underwood confronted Miller-Keyes about this accusation, she was highly emotional. “I feel like my future was just ripped away from me because there’s an insecure 28-year-old girl running around the house” she said referring to Tayshia. Later, Miller-Keyes would go on to use even harsher language calling Adams a “stupid bi*ch”.

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A well-deserved apology

Miller-Keyes took the time to reflect on her outburst during a recent podcast interview. She had the following to say, “Not my proudest moment. I would never do that in real life, but you’re so caught up in these emotions. I was so shocked and taken aback in that moment when Colton’s telling me I wanted to be the bachelorette, which is like obviously not true. I thought Colton was being ripped away from me in that moment. I thought I lost him based off of something that was a lie and my anger, my very very angry side came out at that moment.”

Miller-Keyes owns up to her mistake and even shared that following the show she reached out to Tayshia to apologize. “I reached out and sent this kind of lengthy apology and was like I apologize for the choice of words that I used. I was angry in the moment and I’m so sorry that I used those words to say because that’s not me and that’s not my personality. I wanted her to know that.” says Miller-Keyes.

Speaking on the overall incident that sparked the outburst, the runner up for Miss USA continued on to say “It just sucks that a conversation that Cassie and I had on a bus was taken out of context. There are a little bit of hurt feelings still there.”

It seems that Miller-Keyes isn’t the only one still harboring a few hurt feelings. Miller-Keyes admits that she never got a response back from Tayshia after she sent out the apology. While we applaud the 23-year-old for owning her actions and apologizing, we can understand why Adams is reluctant to accept the apology.

Clash of the beauty queens

But Tayshia wasn’t the only person that the beauty queen butt heads with on Season 23 of the Bachelor. Tensions also flew when Miller-Keyes and current star of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, found themselves under the same roof yet again.

The former friends met doing pageants and quickly hit it off. However, after deciding to room together, the two had a falling out. Though it’s unclear why the friendship fell apart, each woman went out of her way to tell Colton about her reservations for the other, citing the other’s poor character.

But whatever the root of the feud was, Brown and Miller-Keyes seemed to have put the drama behind them. Miller-Keyes admitted that they came to an agreement after Colton’s season ended. “We’re not gonna be friends, we’re not gonna hit each other up, but we’re very supportive of each other.”

Drama free

It’s good to see Miller-Keyes showing maturity and putting the past behind her. But what’s next for this North Carolina beauty queen? Miller-Keyes revealed that she’s looking for love again. Reflecting on her life, she admits that while at a recent music festival, she wound up being the only single person in her group. While it wasn’t a sad moment for her, it definitely prompted her to start searching for that special someone to share her life with again.

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We can only hope that Miller-Keyes’ quest for love leads her to Paradise this Summer. Until then, there’s plenty of drama on The Bachelorette to entertain us.