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Cassie Randolph won Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Her life has changed a lot since being awarded Underwood’s final rose.

Shawna Della-Ricca, Cassie Randolph, and Mattie Maderos | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Lancôme x Vogue
Shawna Della-Ricca, Cassie Randolph, and Mattie Maderos | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Lancôme x Vogue

She has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, for one thing. And that’s opened up a lot of new doors for her. She attends various influencer events, does brand collaborations, and models. She’s also going to grad school to become a speech pathologist.

Cassie Randolph’s double life

In a recent interview the reality star did with the “I Suck At Life” podcast, she spoke about what it’s been like being in school while “being a social media figure.”

“I feel like sometimes I’m living a double life. They’re just two very opposite careers I think, being a student and being in media and being an influencer-type stuff. It’s just different. So I feel like that makes me juggle a lot but think I’ve learned a lot of balance over the past year,” she said.

Randolph says she feels lucky that her classes are online. It makes doing all of her side projects possible.

“If I’m not in an internship I can literally bring my computer everywhere with me. I do on airplanes, I make Colton drive us places while I do my homework. It was crazy in the beginning of the year trying to do that. Now it’s settled down more so I can like hole up in my apartment for two days and not leave, do my homework. But no yeah I think it’s easy because I can bring it everywhere with me,” she said.

‘Bachelor’ alums and Instagram influencers

Randolph also spoke about the overlap between Bachelor alums and Instagram influencers. Many reality stars go on to become influencers as soon as their season airs.

The speech pathology student says all of the Bachelor alums tend to be close.

 “I think you’re now just part of this weird family that you all have this strange thing in common. So I mean sometimes people will be hanging out and then you’ll hang out and you meet them. It’s just a very small world. Or through Bachelor you’ll go on someone’s podcast and meet another Bachelor person there. Bachelor people are everywhere. And a lot of them are in LA now, too,” she said.

“The influencing world, in general, is really small and then half of them are from Bachelor. Or you automatically feel close to them even if you don’t know them because you know what they went through. So it’s easy to reach out to someone super randomly and be like ‘He,y what’s up?’” Randolph continued.

When the “I Suck At Life” interview took place in mid-December, Randolph said one member of Bachelor Nation she has yet to meet is Pilot Pete.

“I’ve never met him before actually but I feel like he’s had a lot going on so I don’t know if he’s really been out in the world,” she said.

“I’ve heard crazy things but it’s like you never know what’s true though. There’s so many rumors that come out and, like, this is all over the place,” she added.

At the time of the interview, Randolph said she and Underwood are casual Bachelor watchers. They watched Brown’s season but not religiously. She doesn’t know how much of Peter Weber’s season they’ll watch.

“I was actually never super into watching it like religiously. I probably will [watch it now]. I’m really bad at like having a specific time every week where I have to watch a show. I also don’t have cable. I’m bad at planning. I like to be able to watch it whenever. But maybe I should watch it so I know what’s going on in the world and Bachelor Nation,” she said.

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