‘The Bachelor’ Star Catherine Lowe Tells Us About Lysol Campaign and Children’s Series

The Bachelor Season 17 winner, Catherine Lowe, sat down for an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. The reality TV star spoke to us about her collaboration with Lysol and gave advice for getting children ready to go back to school. Here’s a peek inside our chat.

Catherine Lowe is on a mission to make schools healthier

The Bachelor's Catherine and Sean Lowe pose at a media event.
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Lowe joined the Lysol campaign because she was impressed with the organization’s mission to make schools healthier. She tells us Lysol spearheads a campaign called Here for Healthy Schools, which encourages children to thrive and grow within their school communities.

“Lysol started a campaign in 2019 called Here for Healthy Schools,” Lowe tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Right now, my kids are back in school, and I want them to be focused on thriving in the classroom with other kids, and that’s exactly what Lysol is encouraging.”

Lowe says Lysol’s mission is to help reduce the spread of illness in schools. “They’re trying to stop the spread of illness causing germs and I want to make sure that my kid is at school thriving together with his friends, and that campaign is exactly doing that,” says Lowe.

Catherine Lowe’s advice for parents afraid to send their children back to school

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many children attend school. At the beginning of the pandemic, remote learning was the norm. Although everyone is trying to get back to normal, things aren’t quite there yet. Some parents are still concerned about sending their children back to school during the pandemic. Lowe offers her advice to parents who have reservations about in-person learning.

“The healthy habits you start at home can be continued in the classroom,” says Lowe. “I think so many people today are very focused and are prioritizing their children’s health. And educators don’t want to get sick, either. So, they’re putting protocols in place to make sure the classroom is a safe place.”

Lowe believes it’s safer now to bring children back to the classroom. She says many schools are doing their best to keep kids safe. Lowe encourages parents to reinforce proper hygiene with their children.

“As long as you’re teaching your kid healthy habits at home, like washing your hands consistently, sneezing in your elbow, and then making sure that those classrooms are disinfected and safe, I think it’s a safe time to bring children back to school.”

Lowe says Lysol disinfecting wipes are great to keep in the classroom because they can help keep germs at bay. She mentions Lysol donated 42 million wipes to under-resourced schools to help with infection control.

Catherine’s tips

Lysol created a series called Little Big Talk during which children talk about returning to school. Here are some of Lowe’s tips for a smoother transition to the classroom:

  • Set an example for your children. Lowe says it will be easier for your children to practice good hygiene if they see you practicing what you preach.
  • Make hygiene time fun. Do things with your children that make hygiene time enjoyable. This could be singing a song, doing a little dance, or talking about your day.
  • Be consistent. Once you find a routine that works, keep at it. When your children see you consistently practicing good hygiene it will be easier for them to follow your example.

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