‘The Bachelor’: Chris Harrison Reveals That Catherine Agro Is the Villain for Season 23

Every season of The Bachelor is different, but one thing never changes – there’s always a villain.

In Arie Lyendyk, Jr.’s Season 22, that honor went to single mom Chelsea Roy. And who could forget Season 21’s Corrine Olympios, who seemed to embrace the role of villain with flourish? On the show, being the ‘villian’ is often synonymous with ambition and refusing to make friends with the other women. These women will go out of their way to spend time with the bachelor and don’t care who gets hurt feelings in the process. After all, being on The Bachelor isn’t about being nice. Right?

Posted by The Bachelor on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Season 23 already has a villain

Host Chris Harrison leaked the name of the woman to watch out for during Season 23 with bachelor Colton Underwood. Her name? Catherine Argo.

The show premieres on January 7, 2019 with a three-hour episode that will certainly provide more insight into each of the new contestants. The Bachelor this season is a former pro football player and self-professed virgin Colton Underwood.

But we already know the main person starting drama. Chris Harrison apparently said during the announcement of contestant names that Agro would be instigating lots of fights between the ladies. The show producers even photoshopped devil horns over her photograph. It’s obvious Agro will provide plenty of entertainment in the weeks to come.

“There is Catherine. If you’re looking for a villain — I am not saying Catherine is it — I just was bringing up the point, that if you’re looking for a villain, to keep your eyes out,” Harrison said.

Posted by The Bachelor on Thursday, December 6, 2018

What makes Catherine a villain?

Like so many other Bachelor villains who came before, it seems Catherine Argo’s main issue is trying to weasel her way in for more time with the bachelor rather than waiting her turn for group or one-on-one dates. In an interview with Life & Style, Harrison said Argo is cutting in on other women’s time with Underwood as early as day one.

A trailer for the new season confirms this. Argo appears in a clip saying that she is not afraid to clash with other contestants if it’ll get her closer to Underwood. Spoken like a true villain.

Who is Catherine Argo?

There’s more to Catherine Argo than just her ambition for finding love, however. She hails from Florida, where she works as a DJ and sells real estate. She’s also a huge dog lover and considers her pup Lucy one of her best friends. In fact, she loves dogs so much that she brought Lucy onto the show.

But some question her motives – after all, it’s well-known that Colton Underwood loves dogs, too, so the move may have been a ploy to win his affection.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the drama plays out and whether any other villains will emerge over the course of Season 23. One thing is clear: all of the ladies are facing a lot of competition as they try to win the heart of Colton Underwood! January can’t come soon enough.