‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Are Still Getting Used to Being ‘Famous’

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph finished filming their season of The Bachelor about a year ago. Since then, their lives have been completely different. They regularly get stopped by fans just walking down the street, their calendars are filled with publicity events, they even starred in a country music video this year, Adam Doleac’s “Famous.”

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In a recent interview with the Cody Cast podcast at Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa music festival in Mexico, Underwood spoke about why he thinks there’s such a crossover between country music and Bachelor fans.

“I think it’s a crossover because, at least for me, I feel like when you hear a country artist’s songs you get to know him or her–you hear their story and they’re so raw and so transparent, and I think in a weird way that’s how filming The Bachelor is. I mean we’re real people who sort of get thrusted into this unique environment where you sort of have to be vulnerable and that’s what a lot of these song writers are today,” said Underwood.

He continued: “We’re honored to be able to call some of them friends. But it’s been such a cool time for us getting to know some of our favorite people and they’re good people and that’s what we found in Nashville and in country music is they’re just incredible human beings. So we will support them until the day we die.”

How Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph came to star in the ‘Famous’ music video

Even before Underwood and Randolph were asked to be in Doleac’s video they were big fans.

“We were listening to it on our way back from a trip to Aspen that we went on in Denver and we heard the song and were like, ‘Oh my gosh this is a catchy song! I don’t know what it is but we like it.’ And we listened to it over and over again and tagged Adam in it,” said Randolph.

She continued: “Next thing you know, he sent us a remix of it. And then a few months later he ended up contacting us and we were in his video and we just flew to Nashville, spent the whole day hanging out, getting dinner […] it was such a fun experience. Everyone was so fun on set. I didn’t feel like we were working at all.” 

Randolph feels like the song was perfect for them at the time because just after The Bachelor, they didn’t feel famous.

“That’s why I love country music because no matter what song you listen to you’re gonna have a different take on it and you’re gonna relate to it in some way, which is why I think so many people who listen to country just love it.  But [with “Famous”] we just felt like people were just calling us famous and we didn’t feel it at all and we’re like ‘OK?’” said Randolph.

Colton Underwood on being ‘famous’

Underwood said he and Randolph are still getting used to being “famous.”  

“Fame is such a weird concept, right? It’s one thing to work hard and have your talents praised or people excited for you, like that’s all great. The love and support has been amazing. But fame in itself is still a weird thing for people to navigate because it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t change–it shouldn’t change the way you live your life, shouldn’t change who you are as a human being,” he said.

Underwood continued: “So we were still navigating that and I think it’s so easy to get caught up in it, especially living in LA and being around certain things out there. Like she said, it was a unique time in our lives and [the song] fit us perfectly and it was such an amazing opportunity.”

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