The Bachelor: Why We Think Colton Underwood is Engaged to Cassie

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor has a lot of twists and turns. The first virgin bachelor has had us on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what happens next. If you’ve been keeping up with The Bachelor season 23, one of your favorite parts of watching the show is likely trying to guess who Underwood picks in the end. Here’s why we think Colton Underwood is engaged to Cassie Randolph.

The show seems to try really hard to make you think it’s not Cassie

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Anyone who watches The Bachelor regularly knows the show tends to stick to a pattern. One thing that’s been a constant each season is the show previews are edited in such a way to make it look like the winner doesn’t actually win. For example, we saw this in The Bachelor season 21 with Nick Viall. Throughout the season, it looked like the woman he chose, Vanessa Grimaldi, wouldn’t get a proposal. However, as we know now, Nick proposed at the end of the show. Unfortunately, Nick and Vanessa split up shortly after.

The Bachelor is focusing more on Cassie lately

In many of the clips, you’ll see the focus has been more on Cassie and her interactions with the other women in the house. In one recent clip, Cassie is seen arguing with Kirpa. Cassie gets emotional over the fact that Kirpa told Colton she is not there for the right reasons. This scene is probably included so that audiences will think Cassie gets kicked off the show, ruining her chances of an engagement to Colton.

Colton acts very different around Cassie than the other women

Colton Underwood | Aaron Poole via Getty Images
Colton Underwood | Aaron Poole via Getty Images

Whenever Colton is around Cassie, he’s suddenly shy and obviously smitten. You can see his facial expression soften and his eyes automatically lock on her. Colton doesn’t seem to get shy around many women in this group. His change in demeanor might indicate he has already chosen the one he wants to marry.

Colton is shown in a deleted scene giving Cassie a special gift

It’s not too often that you see one of The Bachelor stars give a contestant a gift. In one deleted scene, Colton is shown giving Cassie something from the heart. He nervously presented her with a seashell he found on the beach while taking a walk one morning. He said it reminded him of a time he picked up shells with Cassie during their island date. “So, I was on a walk this morning, on the beach. And I know that we might not be on our island anymore, but I remember picking up the shells with you, so here’s one for you and one for me,” he said. Notice that Colton described it as our island.

The fact that Colton has Cassie on the brain when he’s not with her shows he’s really head over heels in love at this point. And he also picked up a shell for himself, so he could continue to think about her when she’s not present. If that isn’t a sign, we don’t know what is.

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