‘The Bachelor’ Contestant, Alexa Caves Comes Out as Sexually Fluid

Fans are rallying around certain contestants on The Bachelor. That also means they want to learn more about them so they ask questions online. Alexa Caves from Peter Weber’s season came out as sexually fluid to her fans. Find out what she had to say and more. Warning spoilers for “Week 3!”

Alexa Caves is an esthetician who competed on ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber and Alexa Caves on 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber and Alexa Caves on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Alexa is one of the many ladies who competed for Weber’s roses on The Bachelor. She works as an esthetician and is from Chicago, Illinois.

Her profile described her as a “total free spirit.” She also admitted that she has “a lot of hippie in her.”

She also got an introduction in her hometown in the first episode of the season. “I’m a caregiver. I love caring for people. I really do and it fulfills me,” said the contestant.

Alexa was then seen waxing a woman. “I also wax vaginas for a living,” she said. This is all part of her business. “Waxing is a lot like love. You have to bare it all and I’m ready to bare it all to Peter. And I hope he’s ready to bare it all to me,” she said.

She was sent home in ‘Week 3’

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act natural.

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Sadly, Alexa didn’t win over Weber. She was sent home in “Week 3” along with Jasmine Nguyen, Alayah Benavidez and Sarah Coffin.

People still showed their support for her online. Diggy Moreland from The Bachelorette Season 13 tweeted, “That combo of curly hair, dope style, and adorable smile?? Peter may have sent Alexa back home to Chicago, but I’m sure she’ll find someone that will appreciate her #thebachelor.”

Another fan tweeted, “I mean we all knew Alexa was too cool for Peter. #thebachelor.” Some fans are still trying to get to know the former contestant by asking her questions.

She told fans she is sexually fluid

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this lighting though

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Alexa revealed on Instagram a popular question she is getting from fans, according to People. She decided to answer it in her story.

“The amount of people that ask me about my sexuality in my DM’s is crazy. LOL, I’ve been getting it since the first episode. It is by far the question I get asked the most,” she wrote.

Alexa then added, “I’m fluid. I’ve been with women and I’ve been with men. I’m open minded [sic]. To me this really isn’t a big deal. People in my life know this about me. But I thought that I’d share this because some people are curious and I’m not ashamed of who I am.” She then wrote, “I just do my thang.”

Some of these fans questions are seen in the comments of her posts. One fan wrote, “you’re too good for peter [sic] (or any man tbqh low key praying ur [sic] bi).” The former contestant responded with three eye emojis.

It seems like her fans hope to see her again on Bachelor in Paradise. However, it will take time for a cast to actually be announced.