‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Sierra Jackson Breaks Down the Behind-the-Scenes Drama Between Her and Cassidy Timbrooks on Night 2

This season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echards only premiered on Jan. 3, but the drama between the girls is already off the charts. Fans are buzzing after the Jan. 10 episode involving Cassidy Timbrooks and her cocky behavior. However, all of the drama didn’t make it into the episode. This week Sierra Jackson sat down with Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo on their podcast Talking It Out and gave some details about her behind-the-scenes conversation with Cassidy.

'The Bachelor' contestant Sierra Jackson talks to Clayton Echard in a blue dress on night one.
Sierra and Clayton | ABC/John Fleenor

Cassidy Timbrooks angered the other women during the group date with Clayton Echard in week 2 of ‘The Bachelor’

Viewers watched Cassidy make more enemies than friends on the first group date on The Bachelor this season. While the rest of the women worked hard to set up the birthday party for a little girl in Beverly Hills, Cassidy spent her time pulling Clayton aside for some alone time. She made no apologies for her behavior either. 

Afterward, she went out of her way bragging about her time with Clayton and generally checking off all the boxes for the typical Bachelor villain. The women called her out on her behavior, but Cassidy persisted. 


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Sierra Jackson thought Cassidy Timbrooks’ behavior was ‘tacky’

In her recent appearance on Talking It OutThe Bachelor star gave more details about Cassidy’s behavior that night. “She was not humble, she was flaunting that she got a rose. She was asking other women ‘What’s your exit interview going to be?’ insinuating they were going to go home.”

Mike, shocked at Cassidy’s boldness, asked Sierra to repeat her last comment. She continued, “Yes, she was asking people what their exit interviews were going to be. She had her rose and she’s waving it around, smelling it, just nasty behavior, shoving it in everyone’s face. Then she goes up to Kate or Hunter and asks her about her exit interview. It was tacky.”

However, the two exchanged even more words behind the scenes on The Bachelor.

‘The Bachelor’ contestant Sierra Jackson detailed the confrontation with Cassidy Timbrooks that didn’t make it in the episode

Earlier in The Bachelor Episode 2, Cassidy confessed to Sierra that she was still talking to a man she knew from home. She explained that the two were “friends with benefits,” and he texted her right before she had to give her phone up for filming. Cassidy also said that the gentleman told her she couldn’t wait for her to return home, and the two could snuggle and be intimate.

Sierra felt wrong keeping the information from Clayton. She pulled him to the side and explained the conversation she had with Cassidy, but what happened next didn’t make it into the episode.

“I went up to her and said ‘You know how I told you that if I ever had a problem with you I would tell you? I told Clayton what you told me because he deserved to know and this is really important.’ After I just walked away and she was just like, ‘I hope you get a rose tonight!” Sierra said.

Sierra also said the guy Cassidy was talking to was a man Cassidy wanted to date, but he didn’t want to date her. According to her, that’s how the two became “friends with benefits.”

It’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment on The Bachelor. If you want more details on Sierra’s personal life or her time on the show, check out the episode wherever you listen to your podcasts.