‘The Bachelor’: Becca Kufrin Says Peter Weber Was ‘Given a Tough Group of Girls’

If you think this season of The Bachelor has been more dramatic and chaotic than usual, you aren’t alone. Peter Weber’s season isn’t off to a very auspicious start. From the return of his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Brown, to Champagne Gate, it’s been nonstop drama since day one. Where there typically is one clear villain on every season of The Bachelor, this season there seems to be multiple women adding to the drama.

The Bachelor alum Becca Kufrin weighs in on Peter Weber
Becca Kufrin | Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Is The Bachelor 2020 the most dramatic season

Fans aren’t the only ones who are taking note of how volatile this season of The Bachelor is. Recently, former Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin, and former Bachelor, Ben Higgins, sat down with Us Weekly to give their thoughts on the season. The pair are gearing up to host the franchise’s new show, Bachelor on Stage, which seeks to help hopeful singles find love in their very own hometowns. When asked about their thoughts on the season they seemed to think that Weber was a great guy, but he had been dealt a difficult hand with the women that the producers had selected as contestants.

Becca Kufrin calls The Bachelor contestants a tough group of girls

“I always lead with this: I like Peter Weber so much. He has such a big heart. He just is a really kind soul, so I really do want him to hopefully find someone. That being said, I think it’s a struggle this season. He has been dealt a hard hand and we’re all trying to figure it out and being the lead, there’s no roadmap for it. You just kind of have to go with what you’re given. And he was given a tough group of girls, to say the least, and he’s just trying to figure it out,” Kufrin shared about her current thoughts on The Bachelor, referencing her own experience as The Bachelorette.

Kufrin thinks Peter Weber will be fine once more girls leave

Kufrin continued on to share her advice for Weber and her hopes for how his season would proceed. “I would like to see him be a little bit more steadfast and just set in his decisions just because right now, just me as a viewer, I’m questioning certain things. I’m like, ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you letting her come back? Or why are you just condoning the drama and allowing it to happen?’ It’s difficult to watch right now. I think as it goes on, he’ll figure it out. I think once more of the girls are removed and that drama is removed, he’ll be fine” the Bachelor alum concluded.

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Ben Higgins weighs in on season 24

Higgins echoed Kufrin’s thoughts, stating there was quite a bit of drama on this season of The Bachelor. However, he was quick to remind people that the first couple of episodes of the season are all drama-filled. Higgins shared that it takes a while for love stories to develop, but they eventually do when more contestants are sent home. The former bachelor shared he was more than ready for those love stories to become the focus of the season. For Weber’s sake, we do hope he finds love at some point during his season. But until then, we’ll be happily enjoying the drama.