‘The Bachelor’: Do Contestants Pay For Their Clothes?

The Bachelor is filled with beautiful women wearing beautiful clothes. The clothing featured on the show is so on-trend that it wouldn’t be shocking to learn that the women work with a stylist. But they don’t. Only The Bachelor and The Bachelorette work with a professional.

Colton Underwoods season of 'The Bachelor' | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images
Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

According to Seventeen, Stylist Cary Fetman has worked with the show since its second season in 2002. He works with the star of each season one-on-one, but the contestants have to pull together their looks without professional help.

So where do contestants get all their clothes from?

Brands will sometimes lend contestants clothing

Steve Carbone of Reality Steve told Vox that contestants sometimes tell brands that they’re going to be on the show and then borrow clothes in exchange for free advertising.

“There are some women who already work in the fashion industry and go to shops and say, ‘Hey, lend me a dress, I’ll wear it on the show, and once it airs, I’ll put it on my Instagram [and say] where I got it from,” said Carbone. “I don’t think they get paid to actually wear it, but the company lends it to them for advertisement on the show.”

Former contestant Chelsea Roy brings up that all contestants have to sign an NDA, but that there are ways around it.

“We sign a big NDA [nondisclosure] agreement where we’re not allowed to tell anyone that we’ve been cast and we’re going to start filming the show,” she told Vox. “I was able to reach out to a couple of people, local people, and say, ‘I would like to support your store in exchange for some exposure in the next few months. Just trust me.’”

“A lot of my dresses were borrowed; they weren’t given to me. It’s a trust thing that you have to build while also remaining secretive,” she added.

Borrow from friends and family

Some contestants borrow clothes from friends, family, and/or colleagues. Former contestant Bekah Martinez borrowed clothing thanks to her boss, who worked in the fashion industry.

“She sent me to a couple of showrooms where I was able to get samples of different dresses to borrow for the show,” Martinez told Glamour. “After the show, I had to collect everything and bring it back to the showroom — they were their samples for models and photo shoots and stuff like that.”

Share with each other

Another option is for contestants to share their clothes with each other. God knows many of them are exactly the same size.  

“If you saw Amanda Stanton, Leah Block and Lauren Bushnell all wore the same dress three different weeks in a row,” Caila Quinn, who appeared on season 20 of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, told Fashionista.

The women all took turns wearing a black and gold bodycon Dress the Population dress that originally belonged to Amanda. “If it’s a good-fitting dress, why not share?”

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