‘The Bachelor’: Does Madison Prewett’s Mom Approve of Peter Weber?

During the hometown dates on The Bachelor, it mainly seemed like Madison Prewett’s father was the parent Peter Weber had to work hard to win over. A new deleted scene reveals that Prewett’s mother also had an intense conversation with Weber.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber visited Auburn University

Prewett graduated from Auburn University, and she is the daughter of Auburn director of basketball operations Chad Prewett. On The Bachelor, Weber and Prewett played a game of basketball in Auburn Arena.

Before their game, a video message from Charles Barkley played. In the video, the retired NBA player warned Weber to not hurt Prewett. Bruce Pearl, the head coach of the Auburn men’s basketball team, stopped by the arena as well.

After appearing on The Bachelor, Pearl praised the Prewett family for upholding Christian values.

“I guess it’s a very popular show and a lot of people — I guess a lot of people watch it,” Pearl said about The Bachelor. “I just was really proud of Madison and Chad and Tonya and the Prewett family for being Auburn men and women, for representing a Christian home with great faith. It’s not talk; it’s walk. It’s lived. And I give the people at ABC credit for not rewriting that story; that’s who they are, and it may not be as flashy as some of the others.”

Peter Weber talked to Madison Prewett’s mother on ‘The Bachelor’

During the couple’s hometown date, Weber sat down with Prewett’s father. The two discussed Prewett’s Christian faith, while Prewett and her mother discussed that Prewett is saving herself for marriage.

In a recently deleted scene, Prewett’s mother sat down and talked to Weber. The deleted scene showed her seriously grilling Weber about how he views his relationship with Prewett.

“Can you tell me why Madison is still in this?” She asked. “Very specifically,” she added.

“We just have so much fun together,” Weber said. “It’s so easy. Her competitiveness, I love. The toughness that you spoke about, I’ve seen that already. And I know that this is weird with three other women. And I know this has been just a little bit of time, but I can 100 percent see a life with her.”

“What does that life with her look like?” She asked.

“A fun life with each other,” Weber said.

Peter Weber’s faith came into question

After Weber did not go into specifics about what he pictured for their future life, Prewett’s mother asked about his faith.

“What’s your faith? And where do you stand with all of that?” She asked.

“Madi and I have talked about faith, and you know I’ve been very honest that I do maybe feel like I’ve struggled with my faith at times,” Weber said. “But I love the fact that faith is so important to her.”

“Are there any reservations where she’s concerned?” Prewett’s mother asked.

“No, you have nothing to worry about in regards to how I will always guard her heart throughout all of this,” Weber replied. “She’s someone that I am falling in love with.”

After this answer, Prewett’s mother admitted that she wanted to trust Weber.

“I want to trust you,” she said. “I want to trust that what you’re telling me is real… I’m putting a lot of trust in you.”