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There have been over 20 seasons of The Bachelormany of which ended with an engagement but not a wedding. There are a few couples that are still together to this day, and even one in which a Bachelor star went back to the runner-up on his season. So why the low success rate?

We decided to gather all the reasons the couples gave after their breakup. Some simply ended due to having to stay separated as the show is airing. But there are some other important reasons for the breakups, like the Bachelor regretting his choice, secrets coming out, and more.

Here are the 19 reasons every couple of The Bachelor broke up.

1. Amanda Marsh claimed she later found out Alex Michel slept with Trista Rehn

Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh standing closely next to each other and smiling.
Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh | Robert Mora/Getty Images

The first season of The Bachelor ended with Alex Michel picking Amanda Marsh over Trista Rehn. He didn’t propose, but they left the show starting a relationship together. The relationship didn’t make it much further, and Amanda later revealed why.

“Some of the girls from the show had called me and told me that Alex had slept with Trista, which I did not know,” Amanda said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

After she found out, she confronted him about it. “He’s like, ‘Yeah, I was intimate with her.’ And so I had to get over that and then… everything just kept eating at me,” she said.

She also claimed that Trista told her that Alex emailed her weeks after he chose Amanda on television. He reportedly wanted to “keep the door open” in case things didn’t work out between him and Amanda.

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