‘The Bachelor’: Fans Are Divided on Whether Chris Harrison Is the Real Hero of Peter Weber’s Disastrous Season or Part of the Problem

Season 24 of The Bachelor finally wrapped and it was one for the books. Between the Victoria F. drama and Peter’s incapability of making decisions, the male-dominated franchise series ended on the sourest of notes to a crowd full of slack-jawed fans. Luckily, host, Chris Harrison, managed to scrape up any semblance of quality to leave viewers with a sweeter after-taste. Sort of. Here’s why fans are of two minds: Harrison is the real hero of the franchise, or he’s the problem.

Fans say season 24 of ‘The Bachelor’ was hard to watch

Chris Harrison
TV host Chris Harrison looks on from the fourth tee during the second round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am at Monterey Peninsula Country Club on February 07, 2020, in Pebble Beach, California. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

For 18 years, Chris Harrison has been the man in charge of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and any other related show in the franchise. He’s a pro at handling all on-set drama, he comforts and somehow manages to get just the right emotions and confessions from each contestant at any given time.

Season 24 of The Bachelor may have been Harrison’s most challenging season yet. Pilot, Peter Weber, ended his disastrous run a [mostly] single man after his chosen partner, Hannah Ann Sluss, broke up with him.

Though Peter attempted to make things work with the runner-up, Madison Prewett, that didn’t work out either. Anyone who watched After the final Rose during the finale can understand why.

Madison and Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber, exchanged words, putting pilot Pete in the middle. He may have stood up for Madison then and there, but days later, an Instagram explanation revealed the two went their separate ways.

That said, many say the only saving grace throughout the entire trainwreck of a season, was Harrison’s ability to save any moment from total disaster. At least, it’s what many Bachelor Nation fans are saying.

“He really is one of the best hosts of a show, he definitely carried that finale. We love you @chrisbharrison#BachelorFinale,” this fan tweeted.

Another joked at Harrison’s precarious situation saying, “I just want you to know, I’ll be there. With a cameraman.”

However, the other side of things looks a little saltier.

Many blame the producers and Harrison for stirring drama

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During the finale of Weber’s season, Harrison took it upon himself — likely at the nudging of producers — to seek out Madison to ask if she wanted another shot with Peter.

It all made for good TV, but the real-life position this put everyone in an awkward state. Not only did Madison accept the offer and attempt to reconcile with Peter against Barbara’s wishes, but some think Harrison went too far by cutting in the middle of the broken relationship.

“Note to the producers however, this was a terrible season for the bachelor. Way too much drama! The ending anti-climactic considering all the hype. I think it’s time to get back to the good old days when the bachelor/bachelorette was a show and not a nation,” this fan noted.

“@chrisharrison went way too far pimping out Madison for Peter just for 30 minutes of airtime. Disgusting how eager Madison was to grab Peter back. No feelings for Hannah Ann. No self- respecting woman would do that. Where was her dad?!” this viewer said.

“BULLSH*T. He fakes sincerity and caring while doing everything producers tell him to do. He loved the mess.” this person shared.

“Chris is no Cupid. All he cares about is manufacturing drama,” another person added.

Others defend Harrison, crediting him for saving the season

As the man who alerts all to “the final rose of the evening,” Harrison’s hosting duties often go above and beyond. Many don’t love his involvement in any part of the drama, but others are quick to defend the longtime host, crediting his for saving all the trainwreck moments.

Some moments throughout season 24 mentioned include navigating Hannah Brown’s return, the Chase Rice situation with Victoria F., Alayah Benavidez’s return which fueled more drama, Peter’s slicing his head open, most of Victoria F.’s situation, Peter’s family, and so much more.

“Producers told him to go there and he went. He did all they told him to do. No one in their right mind would interfere like that. What’s he care about? Ratings,” this fan pointed out.

“Chris Harrison is the only supportive parent that Peter needs,” this viewer said.

“Chris Harrison, the ultimate wingman. #TheBachelor,” many others stated.

Love him or hate him, Harrison is the face of the franchise. At least Peter’s season is finally over and we can all brace ourselves for Bachelor in Paradise.