‘The Bachelor’ Fans Compare Clayton to Peter and Call Him ‘Messy’ For New Promo

The Bachelor revealed some major spoilers in a new promo. Clayton Echard makes a shocking reveal at a rose ceremony. Fans are calling him messy and comparing him to Peter Weber.

Clayton Echard makes a big reveal on ‘The Bachelor’

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A promo shows Echard describing himself as a “boy from Missouri that just wants to find love.” He’s shown going on different dates and the women being excited. Echard said he believes more than anything that his wife is in the cast.

He later tells one woman, “I couldn’t be more sure that I’m falling in love with you.” The former football player tells another that he’s falling in love with her. Then he tells a third person the same thing.

It doesn’t end there. The promo shows a rose ceremony, and he tells two women that he was intimate with both of them. He claims he wants to be fully transparent with them. It looks like both of them walk away to cry. Someone then asks, “He’s in love with all three of us?”

It looks like Echard will get very confused later in the season. Fans are already sharing their reactions.

‘The Bachelor’ fans compare Clayton to Peter and call him ‘indecisive’ 

Headshot of Clayton Echard, the next bachelor for season 26 in 2022
Clayton Echard from ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 | Pamela Littky/ABC via Getty Images

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Fans went to Reddit to share their reaction to the teaser. Many of them are comparing him to Peter Weber, who was also torn between his final two, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss.

“Lol at everybody who didn’t want a Greg [Grippo] season because he would be indecisive and messy like PP,” one person wrote. “I mean when even PP himself said he heard this season is gonna be a sh*t show you know something is up….”

“Here we all thought they were going back to their roots and trying to go for a Sean Lowe season. Really they are going for a Pilot Pete on steroids type of season,” another wrote.

“God dammit. This show knows how to suck me back in. It’s giving messy pilot Pete vibes and I’m here for it,” a third fan admitted.

“I’ve been manifesting pilot pete 2.0 SO HARD and it looks like it’s happening,” a fourth wrote.

“This is such a d**chebag move. He makes Pilot Pete look like a prince. At least Pete is discrete,” someone else wrote.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 is coming soon

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Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette is almost done. The Bachelor will premiere on Jan. 3.

The full cast for the season hasn’t been released. But Jesse Palmer, the star of season 5 of The Bachelor, is hosting the season. When ABC releases the rest of the cast bios, fans will get to learn more about Echard’s final two.