‘The Bachelor’ Fans Desperately Wish Ashley P. Was Still in the Running

One of the hardest parts of being the bachelor is having to send a handful of women home on the first night. Weber did his best to eliminate the women he didn’t see a future with, but Bachelor Nation is thinking one of the ladies he sent home night one could be the one that got away. That lady is a cow and her name is Ashley P.

Ashley P. and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Ashley P. and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Ashley P. actually escorted a contestant named Jenna during her Bachelor entrance. But Bachelor Nation quickly agreed it was Ashley P. who stole the moment.

Bachelor Nation misses Ashley P.

Since that first night, the night Ashley P. left, Weber’s had his hands full with quite a bit of contestant drama (coincidence?!). In the midst of all the drama, Bachelor fans like to remind Weber that Ashley P. was 100% grass-fed, drama-free.

“You know who wouldn’t lie to Peter??? Ashley P.” tweeted one fan.

“When you finally realize that Ashley P is the only girl there not fake af,” wrote another.

During the most recent episode, Weber invited Alayah Benavidez back into the house after eliminating her last week. Several contestants were unhappy with the pilot’s decision and let both Alayah and Weber know about it.

Since Weber brought back Alayah, some of Bachelor Nation suggested the pilot bring back Ashley P. as well.

“Petition to bring back Ashley P.,” tweeted one fan.

“She was genuine for the few minutes she was on the show,” responded another fan to the above tweet.

“Ashley P walking back in next week know Peter is letting anyone back in,” wrote another Bachelor fan.

Some fans of the show just don’t find the current cast very likable. You know who was likable? Ashley P.

“People I don’t like seeing in scenes: -Peter -Victoria F -Kelsey W -Mykenna -Hannah Ann -Chase Rice -Chris Harrison

People I do like seeing in scenes, a definitive list: -Tammy -Ashley P,” wrote one fan.

“At this point Ashley P is the only one that I respect and support,” wrote another Twitter user.

“at this point ashley p is the only woman i trust on this season,” tweeted one fan.

Could Ashley P. be involved in the finale drama?!

We know there’s a big plot twist coming up towards the end of the season thanks to the juicy previews (like that clip of Weber’s mom sobbing, telling her son to bring someone home to them). Some fans are thinking, could Ashley P. be involved in the big twist? Does Weber realize all along that it’s always been Ashley P.–It’s only been Ashley P.?!

“Plot twist: Ashley P wins,” tweeted one fan, perhaps solving the puzzle.

We’ll have to keep watching to see if Ashley P. makes another appearance this season. If not, she’s getting so much audience attention there’s a good possibility she’ll end up in Paradise. Time to go bikini shopping, Ashley P.!

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