‘The Bachelor’ Fans Have a Theory That a Finalist Won’t Show up for the Final Rose Ceremony

Fans are still trying to predict the ending of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. A popular theory is that he fell for a producer. Now there is a new one that a finalist might not show up for the final rose ceremony. Find out which contestant fans are talking about and more.

The ending of ‘The Bachelor’ hasn’t been spoiled

This season stands out because the end of Weber’s season hasn’t been spoiled. Many fans are left wondering how it will end.

“I’m really excited for this season because I’m very confident that no one is going to be able to spoil it,” Weber told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s a reason I believe that — and obviously I can’t say it, otherwise it gives it away. I’m very confident that Reality Steve and all of these people, they’re not going to find out what happens — there’s no way they’re going to find out.”

The reality star continued, “And I’m very excited about that because I think that’s what this show has wanted for a while and I’m excited that for my season there’s a really good chance that happens. And I’m excited for everyone to just come along for the journey and not know what happens at the end, and just be able to live it out with me.”

Drama will come up between Peter Weber and Madison

Madison on 'The Bachelor'
Madison on ‘The Bachelor’ | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Weber already told Madison Prewett that he is falling for her. However, she hasn’t told him that she is saving herself for marriage and a teaser showed that he did get intimate with someone else.

“Peter doesn’t know that I am saving myself for marriage,” Madison said in a teaser. “If he sleeps with anybody else, it’s going to be hard for me to continue to move forward.”

There was another teaser shown of Weber telling someone he has been physical with someone else. “I don’t want this to feel like it’s all about sex,” he said. “But six days prior, I was intimate with someone else.”

Another teaser has shown his mom crying and asking Weber to go after someone. All of this has led to a new theory that is getting support.

Amy Kaufman believes one of the finalists won’t be at the rose ceremony

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Amy Kaufman wrote the book, Bachelor Nation. She tweeted her own theory about how this season will end.

“After watching last night’s #TheBachelor finale teaser, this is my prediction (DO NOT @ ME W SPOILERS OR ELSE): Madison thinks she can handle Pete sleeping w [sic] other women. But at final two she decides she can’t and doesn’t show up. Then Pete’s mom is like GO GET HER! Plausible?,” she tweeted.

The author then followed it up with “To be clear, I totally hope it’s something way more dramatic than this. Even though I guess that scenario has, indeed, never happened before, I feel like they would have been overhyping the dramz [sic].”

Ashley Iaconetti from Bachelor in Paradise replied to the tweet with, “My guess is that she definitely doesn’t show up to the finale.”

It’s certainly possible, but wouldn’t give a reason why many don’t know what happened in his finale. Fans will have to wait for the episode to know if any theory is correct.