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A few weeks ago, many of The Bachelor fans were complaining about how they were not interested in The Bachelor Presents Listen to Your Heart. However, lately fans are changing their tune. Let’s take a look at what viewers are hoping to see when Chris Harrison is on their television screen on April 13, 2020, for the new show.

The Listen to Your Heart Cast
‘The Bachelor Presents Listen to Your Heart’ cast | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

What is the ‘The Bachelor Presents Listen to Your Heart?’

In the new show from The Bachelor franchise, love meets music. Listen to Your Heart will introduce twenty-three singles who are all musicians. Not only will they have to pair up, but they will face musical competitions together. 

There will be well-known judges throughout the season, including JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. The couples with the highest scores will advance to the next round, and by the end, only one pair will remain. 

“Lives will be changed here on this stage forever,” The Bachelor host Harrison says. “It’s not just to become a music star; it’s not just to find love. It’s to find it all.”

The trailer reveals that the show will also include the drama that viewers are accustomed to with The Bachelor

Why have fans changed their minds about watching ‘Listen to Your Heart’?

“When does this come out? I feel like with this whole quarantine thing I’m gonna have to watch it!” wrote one user on Instagram

The ratings for the new spinoff might be higher than expected due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) keeping people across the world in their homes. 

“One week ago, we talked about how we would never watch the show, and now we’re quarantined,” commented one fan on Reddit. “Conspiracy: The coronavirus was created by the Bachelor producers.”

Although we know the producers did not create the virus, fans keep commenting about it. The Bachelorette season 13 is currently on hold due to the coronavirus, so fans know that won’t be coming out in May, as expected.

The Bachelor in Paradise is also in question since filming is set to begin in June. With so many things unclear in the Bachelor franchise right now, fans are now getting excited for the one show they know is going to happen for sure.

Do contestants of ‘Listen to Your Heart’ get a record deal at the end of the season?

Many viewers want to know what happens at the end of the show. They are wondering if there is a proposal or possibly a record deal. At this point, the producers did not include anything about the ending. However, that won’t stop fans from contemplating what might happen.

“Isn’t the smart move here to team up with the most talented guy/gal, knock it out of the park music-wise, fake the relationship, get those record deals, and then break up later?” wrote another fan. “Not trying to be cynical or anything, but ya know.”

Some fans think that if there is a record deal at the end of the season, the men and women should do everything in their power to find love even if they have to fake it. 

The Bachelor Presents Listen to Your Heart premieres April 13, 2020, on ABC. The entire season was filmed before the coronavirus outbreak, so we know that it will run without delay.

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