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Well, that was intense. The season finale of The Bachelor finally aired. As it turns out, the episode was just as dramatic as promised. Peter Weber’s mother, Barbara Weber, brought the drama with the way she reacted to Madison Prewett throughout the entire episode of The Bachelor.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.]

Madison Prewett Peter Weber
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Peter met up with Madison on ‘The Bachelor’

While Weber got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss after Prewett left the show, the engagement was short-lived. After the relationship ended, Chris Harrison visited Prewett in Auburn. Footage from the live studio audience showed Barbara Weber’s reaction to this meeting.

As Prewett talked, Barbara Weber noticeably rolled her eyes. Prewett told Harrison she regretted her decision, and she ends up flying out to California to visit Peter Weber. The two reconnect, and at the live show things only became more tense with Barbara Weber.

While the new couple were all smiles, Barbara Weber made her distaste of Prewett known. She told the audience that everyone in Peter Weber’s life knows “it’s not going to work” despite Peter Weber’s pleas to give Prewett a chance.

Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ are upset over the eye roll

As the episode aired, viewers could not get over Barbara Weber’s eye roll as she watched the footage of Prewett meeting with Harrison. To fans, this showed everything about her character.

“OH MY GOD. BARB ROLLING HER EYES AT MADI. wow how do you have so much hate for someone who clearly loves your son so much!? #TheBachelor#TheBachelorFinale,” one fan tweeted.

“Live Footage of Barb rolling her eyes when Madison speaks. Omg can she be happy for her own son? His feeling matters too #TheBachelor#TheBachelorFinale,” another tweeted.

“Peters mom is literally the most hateful person I’ve seen. Her eye roll and pure disdain for madi is disgusting. The only reason he proposed to Hannah Ann is BECAUSE of his mom. Shame on her. #TheBachelor#TheBachelorFinale,” a Twitter user wrote.

Fans favor Madison over Barbara

While Barbara Weber made it clear she dislikes Prewett, fans of The Bachelor made it clear they no longer like her. She may have been a Bachelor Nation favorite at the beginning of the season, but to a majority of fans it seems Barbara Weber is now a villain.

“Omg barb HATES Madi. Well no worries, the rest of the world hates barb. #TheBachelor#TheBachelorFinale,” tweeted a fan.

“barb has no reason for not liking Madi. sis needs to stop with the attitude rn it’s ugly #TheBachelor,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Barbara is every girls nightmare. A mother who refuses to hold her son accountable and chooses to speak down on any woman who doesn’t bow down to him and let him do whatever he wants. #thebachelor#thebachelorfinale,” one fan tweeted.

“Unpopular opinion: Barb crossed a line. Degrading Madison and her intentions based off of a highly produced 3 minute ‘meet the parents’ conversation is uncalled for. Peter’s happiness should be her main priority. Not rooting for his relationship to fail on live TV. #TheBachelor,” a fan wrote on Twitter.