‘The Bachelor’ Fans Think Peter Weber’s Contestants Are ‘Mean Girls’

Chris Harrison wasn’t kidding when he told Bachelor Nation this is going to be the most dramatic season ever. From the get-go, Peter Weber’s had his hands full with contestant drama.

Peter Weber and Tammy Ly | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Tammy Ly | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

First, there was the Alayah Benavidez drama (several of the women accused her of being “fake” – particularly Sydney Hightower). Weber sent her home, then brought her back, then sent her home again. More recently, Tammy Ly and a few of the other women accused Kelsey Weier of drinking too much. Then there was the showdown between Tammy and Mykenna Dorn before they were both sent home.

Something Bachelor Nation has noticed this season is that the women are particularly confrontational, even mean to each other. Along with calling the contestants “immature,” it’s probably the most common comment fans make about Weber’s contestants.

Peter Weber’s ‘Mean Girls’

Time and time again, fans have compared Weber’s contestants to the characters in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls, a movie about the mean, popular girls who rule an Illinois public high school.

“This season is like watching Mean Girls and Peter is Lindsay Lohan,” tweeted one fan.

“Are we still watching the Bachelor or is this Mean Girls ????” asked another.

So who exactly are the mean girls? It seems fans think pretty much everybody but Madison Prewett, Kelley Flanagan, and Natasha Parker (Hannah Ann Sluss is a toss-up).

“Okay but real talk, Tammy ain’t wrong. Sydney started drama. Every scene Sydney is surrounded by her “crew” who coincidentally were the only girls we saw Peter talking to about Alayah at the pool party… To me its obvious Sydney and her girls are the mean girls,” wrote one fan.

“Peter’s season is really just like watching mean girls and him being in the middle of it with terrible decisions. “Princess” Alayah, fake Victoria F and unstable Kelsey and Victora P and Sydney are shady as well. Madison is gonna win,” tweeted another.

Some fans think only Tina Fey can save this group of women.

“Can we please bring in Tina Fey for Women Tell All so that she can mediate this real life Mean Girls situation that we have on our hands?” tweeted one fan.

Fans have also stated they want less drama on-screen and more of the “unproblematic queens.”

“Madison is so freaking cute, I want more of this and less mean girls please,” wrote one fan.

There’s hope for Peter

However, after Weber sent home Sydney this week, fans are feeling more hopeful he’ll be able to sniff out who’s a “mean girl” moving forward.

“When Peter called Kelley and not Sydney! The mean girls are falling I was so relieved! We stan the unproblematic queen Kelley,” tweeted one fan.

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