‘The Bachelor Finale’: Does Madison Prewett Owe Barbara Weber an Apology?

The Bachelor finale has come and gone but fans still can’t stop talking about the showdown between Madison Prewett and Peter Weber’s mother, Barbara Weber. Fondly known as “Barbchelor”, the pair traded eye-rolls and dirty looks for the better part of Prewett’s time on stage. Though Prewett and Weber are committed to trying out their relationship and taking things one day at a time, at this time they still don’t have Barbara Weber’s support. In fact, when prompted, the bachelor’s mother said her son would have to “fail to succeed.”

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber at The Bachelor finale
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Barbara Weber is not a fan of Madison Prewett

But what prompted all this animosity to begin with? According to Barbara Weber, her lukewarm reaction to Prewett began way before The Bachelor finale aired. When the Auburn native was set to meet Weber’s family again in Australia, she allegedly did not want to meet them and was three hours late to the meet and greet. Furthermore, Barbara Weber claimed that Prewett said she was not in love with Pilot Pete and had no intention of accepting a proposal in a few days’ time.

The drama escalated on ‘The Bachelor’ finale 2020

Rather than address the statement that Barbara Weber made, Prewett simply responded: “It is what it is.” She then shared that she wouldn’t badmouth Weber’s family and doubled down on her speech that “it was her journey too.” Many members of Bachelor Nation feel that this was a huge misfire on Prewett’s part and made it known on Instagram and Twitter. They couldn’t understand why she couldn’t just apologize for her errors, or at the very least, explain them. They seemed to believe that if she had simply apologized for her behavior, much of The Bachelor finale drama could’ve been avoided.

“All Maddy [sic] needed to do is [sic] just apologize to Peter’s mother. But she did not,” one fan wrote about The Bachelor finale. “Right??? Pretty simple thing to do when you’re wrong. Screams entitled Princess to me,” another fan co-signed. “Right? I thought she was extremely disrespectful, rude as all get out, and acting like a brat! That relationship will not last at all! She has a VERY hard time saying she loves Peter,” another person chimed in, adding that they didn’t believe Prewett and Weber have a future together.

Bachelor Nation expresses their feelings on Twitter and Instagram

“When you keep people waiting, it’s good manners to say….sorry guys for keeping you waiting. But maybe she genuinely forgot because of what she had gone through. On the live show, she should have said she was sorry. They seemed to be competing and my God interrupting… I love Madison but sometimes you have to let someone win so that you can peacefully move on. Remembered these are 2 people trying to know each other,” another person added, commenting on Prewett’s decision not to apologize at The Bachelor finale.

Can Prewett and Weber really be together?

Of course, some people completely took Prewett’s side. They noted that she might not have been the reason behind the delay. “Why should Madison apologize? The 3-hour wait was due to production. Do you know how long it takes to do all these shots? I’ve been to a few tapings and it literally is a 10-hour day just for a Women Tell All etc,” one person added. Clearly Prewett and Weber have their work cut out for them. Unless things improve on multiple fronts from what we saw during The Bachelor finale, their relationship is dead in the water.