‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Is Peter Weber With Kelley Flanagan? Why Some Fans Think So

The Bachelor 2020 has been filled with some of the most problematic contestants in the show’s history. But, Kelley Flanagan managed to win over Bachelor Nation with her unbothered ways. Though she received the “villain edit” right before being eliminated, most fans of the show still considered her to be their unproblematic fave. As a lawyer, Flanagan approached her relationship with Weber with logic and lightheartedness. This seemed to concern Weber at times because he felt that she wasn’t taking the relationship seriously.

Kelley Flanagan and The Bachelor Peter Weber
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

A quick recap

Ultimately, Weber made the choice to send Flanagan home right before hometowns. In true Flanagan fashion, she exited The Bachelor with her head held high and without shedding a single tear. Many people were upset that Weber chose to eliminate such a strong contestant. But now, rumors are swirling that the pair may have ended up together after all. This season has been filled to the brim with unexpected twists. From Chase Rice showing up, to Weber’s ex-girlfriend filling him in on Victoria Fuller’s sordid past. It should come as no surprise that fans are thinking up new theories that point to Weber and Flanagan being together. But just why do some fans believe this particular theory to be true?

Why some fans think Peter Weber chose Kelley Flanagan as his winner

One clue that points to Flanagan being the winner of The Bachelor 2020 is that she did not attend the Women Tell All special. Traditionally, every contestant on each season of The Bachelor is invited to confront each other and the lead about their relationships and their time on the show. The only people aren’t invited are typically the top two contestants. This is to prevent spoilers from occurring. Of course, the exception to this was when Cassie Randolph (who self-eliminated) didn’t attend the Women Tell All last season because Underwood quit the show for her. This season, however, the only person who wasn’t invited to the Women Tell All show (with the exception of Weber’s final two) was Flanagan.

Reality Steve shares Women Tell All Spoilers

Reality Steve, who is notorious for spoiling The Bachelor, took to his Twitter page to inform fans that the producers failed to invite Flanagan to the show. “Word broke yesterday that Kelley told people she wasn’t invited to the WTA. This is true. Why? I have no idea. But if you finished 5th & you were popular on the season, & you don’t get invited to WTA, it means they didn’t like her. No other reason. But basically Kelley wasn’t invited which 1) is kinda bullsh*t 2) doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense 3) isn’t addressed at the WTA and 4) pretty much kills any chance of her being the Bachelorette,” Reality Steve shared on Twitter.

The Weber family follows Flanagan on Instagram

While some people theorized that Flanagan wasn’t invited because The Bachelor producers didn’t like her or couldn’t control her, others felt that it’s because she and Weber are currently together. In addition to that, hawkeye fans noted that Weber’s immediate family all follow Flanagan on Instagram, but yet they aren’t following Weber’s remaining contestants, Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Madison Prewett. “I just want to know why does Peter’s whole family follow you!?!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔 ” one person wrote on Flanagan’s Instagram page. “Read a rumor they are together but it doesn’t make sense until I saw that his whole family follows her 😂 ” another person co-signed.

Other Bachelor fans theorized about other connections Weber’s family could possibly have with Flanagan. “Why does Peter’s family (dad, mom, brother, brother gf) all follow Kelley??? And don’t follow the other girls? I think that’s the reason why Kelley didn’t make it to the women tell all. You can check for yourself. Go to Peter’s page and click on the photo where he tagged his family. They are all on a boat wearing white. Also, Peter’s mom has roots in Chicago. She was a cheerleader for the Bears and Ms Illinois. And guess who’s from Chicago … Kelley. Lol,” a fan pointed out.

What answers will The Bachelor Finale 2020 bring

While this theory seems like a stretch (and in direct conflict with what Reality Steve thinks) we’d be lying if we said we weren’t intrigued by it. At the very least, it would make some people feel better about Flanagan being excluded from the Women Tell All show. We guess we’ll have to wait a few more days until The Bachelor finale airs to see how everything plays out.