‘The Bachelor’ Finale: [Spoiler] Is the Winner and We’re Underwhelmed

We officially know how The Bachelor Finale ends and honestly, we’re underwhelmed. For months there’s been no clear cut winner for Peter Weber’s heart, but that all changed today when Reality Steve revealed how everything will play out. Not only do we know who Barbra Weber is talking to when she demanded that Pilot Pete “Bring Her Home!” but we also know who Weber is with after “the most dramatic season in Bachelor history.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Bachelor finale and also reveals the winner for Weber’s season.]

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber The Bachelor Finale winner
Chris Harrison and Peter Weber | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Peter Weber is down to his final two contestants

When we last left Weber, he had finally eliminated Victoria Fuller and narrowed it down to his final two contestants: Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss (who, funnily enough, make Alabama Hannah when combined.) However, this was far from an easy rose ceremony. This elimination came on the heels of Prewett telling Weber that if she was named the winner of The Bachelor, she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal if he’d been intimate with others, which he had. Upon learning the truth, Prewett showed up late to the rose ceremony and reluctantly accepted the rose.

‘The Bachelor’ finale

But what happens from there? In keeping with the show’s main storyline, The Bachelor finale features Weber having one last date with both Sluss and Prewett. They also both meet his family (or in Prewett’s case they meet again.) Weber’s mother declares “Don’t let her go…bring her home to us,” the same day they met with Prewett. According to Reality Steve, things pretty much play out according to script until the final rose ceremony.

On the big day, Prewett fails to show up for the final rose ceremony. Instead, she chooses to self-eliminate. Rather than revealing who he was planning to propose to, Weber chooses to postpone the rose ceremony until he is able to talk to Prewett. However, at that point, Prewett has already chosen to fly back to the States, so the conversation is placed on hold, as is Sluss.

Reality Steve reveals spoilers for Season 24

Failing to choose a winner until he spoke to Prewett is likely the reason that Weber was so confident that nobody would be able to spoil his season. When Weber left Australia, he hadn’t chosen a woman, nor had he rejected one. To his credit, this is the closest thing we’ve had to a spoiler-free Bachelor finale in years, but still, it was always a bold claim to make.

‘The Bachelor’ 2020 winner is Madison Prewett

When Weber arrived back to the states, it’s clear that Prewett is his choice. But, she’s difficult to win over. Not only did he have lots of explaining to do, but he also had to deal with trying to earn the trust of her family. Reality Steve reported that Weber was not able to win back Prewett right away, and it took time apart for them to rebuild their relationship. Ultimately though, The Bachelor finale will reveal that the pair is together now, but not engaged.

Will there be a proposal or an engagement during After The Final Rose?

But if Prewett is the clear winner and the pair are together now, why did Chris Harrison say that not even Weber knows how his season will end? Reality Steve believes this is because Weber is planning to propose to Prewett during the After The Final Rose segment, which typically airs after The Bachelor finale. As Weber doesn’t know if Prewett will accept a proposal, that would be a reason that he “doesn’t know” how it’s all going to ends.

An underwhelming ending

After all the crazy conspiracy theories and wild rumors about The Bachelor finale, this seems like a bit underwhelming. Prewett was a clear frontrunner from the beginning, so the shock value is relatively low. If Reality Steve is to be believed, this ending feels too much like Colton Underwood’s ending to be truly game-changing. Plus, more dramatic Bachelor finales have happened in the past e.g. Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr. We guess we’ll have to wait a few more days to know if Reality Steve missed anything, but as things stand now, The Bachelor finale doesn’t seem like everything it’s been hyped up to be.