‘The Bachelor’: Former Bachelorette Reveals the Best Type of One-on-One Date to Get as a Contestant: ‘It’s an Advantage’

Rachel Lindsay was the historical first-ever African-American Bachelorette. The Bachelor alum was recently interviewed by Juliet Litman on her podcast Bachelor Party. On the podcast, Lindsay revealed that getting a certain type of one-on-one date is a big advantage to you as a contestant staying on the show and making it to the end. What’s the ideal one-on-one date on The Bachelor, according to Lindsay?

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette reunion | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Why this cast member on ‘The Bachelor’ had the ideal one-on-one date with Pilot Pete

On the Bachelor Party, Lindsay and Litman recently discussed Victoria Paul’s date with Peter Weber. They both agreed that Paul totally lucked out, and that line dancing is a great Bachelor date.

“Victoria P. had the best date so far,” Litman argued. “A line dancing date at a line dancing bar?”

“A hundred percent agree,” Lindsay replied. “It’s a built-in activity. It’s like a way to be goofy but also show off your moves. You don’t have to talk, but you have an experience to reflect on later.”

“There’s just something like inherently like, sexual and flirtatious about that,” Litman continued. She said it also revived memories of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, on which Lindsay was a top-three contestant.

“It made me think of you and Nick in New Orleans when you were with the parade,” Litman remembered. “I felt like you really got to like show off your personality in that date.”

Lindsay wholeheartedly agreed.

What kind of date is the best for a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’?

“A date that has dancing like that,” Litman asked Lindsay, “is that a benefit?”

Lindsay says it’s not necessarily the dancing; the real perk is simulating real-world activities on the date.

“It’s an advantage to go on a date that’s a real-life date,” Lindsay argued. Because, as she points out, once you get back to the real world, “you’re not going on a hot air balloon, you know, across Asia.”

Victoria Paul on The Bachelor with Pilot Pete
Peter Weber giving Victoria Paul a rose on The Bachelor | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Instead, line dancing is something Weber “would really take her out to do.” Pilot Pete did seem comfortable in the line dancing bar–especially because it was in his own neighborhood.

“So I thought it was more ‘genuine and real,’ dare I say it?” Lindsay joked, referencing Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett’s potentially-fake fan Instagram accounts.

“I loved it,” Lindsay said of the date. However, Lindsay is not exactly a big fan of Victoria Paul herself.

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is not a fan of Peter Weber’s former contestant Victoria Paul

“I keep saying there’s something off with Victoria,” Lindsay revealed. “I know people love her, and they’re sold on her and she seems like a really sweet girl, but there’s something there.”

While her reality TV sob story was ideal for The Bachelor, Paul’s sweet-girl personality faded over the course of the season.

“Something’s off,” Lindsay told Litman. Neither of the Bachelor experts liked the way Paul handled Alayah Benavidez.

“She seemed to be like, recovering memories in real time,” Litman argued. “She was like, ‘Actually, she did ask me to lie, Peter.’”

“I don’t wanna say crazy, but there’s something there,” Lindsay said. “Something’s gonna happen with her.”

Victoria P and Peter on The Bachelor
Victoria Paul and Peter Weber smoochin’ on The Bachelor | Jason A. LaVeris/ABC via Getty Images

And, as we all know if we’re caught up: Paul’s allure eventually did fade, even for Weber. She got the rough ride of getting booted on a group date.

But hey, at least she got to go line dancing.