‘The Bachelor’: Former Contestant Predicts the Real Reason Peter Weber Kept Victoria F. Over Kelsey for Fantasy Suites

Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor, currently airing on ABC, has actually been quite dramatic. But mainly because Peter Weber’s contestants came with their knives out. They’ve all been rather unlikeable at times, but no one has been more horrible than Victoria Fuller.

After her recent ludicrous display on the hometown date, The Bachelor fans thought surely Pilot Pete would send Fuller home. But alas, sweet Iowan Kelsey Weier got axed instead. Why, oh why, would Weber ever save the woman who gaslights him? A former contestant of the show has a theory.

Victoria F on The Bachelor
Victoria Fuller on the REVOLVE group date on The Bachelor | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Why does Pilot Pete have such a thing for emotions?

On The Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez and her friend Jess Ambrose’s podcast Chatty Broads, they discussed Weber’s odd behavior with the women.

How strange it is, they noticed, that Pilot Pete will say, “This is what I wanna see,” when a contestant is openly sobbing on The Bachelor. (They were talking in particular about Hannah Ann Sluss’s one-on-one date).

“I’m like, you wanna see her bawling?” Ambrose said. “I don’t understand.”

Victoria F and Kelley on The Bachelor
Victoria Fuller and Kelley Flannagan on The Bachelor | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Martinez said Weber encouraging these dramatic breakdowns is “kinda problematic.”

“Someone’s emotional display does not gauge their level of commitment to you or their level of realness in this experience,” Martinez continued.

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“When you take the people that Peter feels connected to,” Ambrose recalled, “they are Kelsey, they are Victoria F.” Kelsey Weier, as we all remember, cried about a bottle of champagne (which she later admitted she doesn’t even like that much). And then there’s Fuller, a true chaotic evil if there ever was one. After getting called out for modeling “White Lives Matter” shirts, her behavior towards Weber on this season of The Bachelor has been appalling. And yet, she’s in Weber’s final three.

“I think he likes complicated,” Ambrose argued on another recent episode of Chatty Broads.

“He’s a romantic,” Martinez responded, “in that sense that he … believes, fundamentally–and I think his mom does too–in this hopeless romantic way, that you’ve gotta overcome barriers together.” Earlier this season, Martinez predicted this concept (and Pilot Pete’s penchant for sobbing women) might come from modeling his parents’ marriage. She explained:

It seems like he idolizes his parents’ relationship and … [his mother] just seems like a naturally emotional person, and so throughout his life he may be equating these heavy emotional displays with real love.

Martinez even predicts that this belief system– the idea of “you’ve gotta have something to overcome to bring you closer together”–“is probably the reason why he’s still with Victoria.”

Victoria Fuller and The Bachelor
Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber on a one-on-one date on The Bachelor | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

“Not necessarily the best advice,” Ambrose said, “but here we are.”

The couple has overcome barriers alright: country singers that happen to be ex-boyfriends, running away and crying in bathrooms, ex-girlfriends showing up to throw shade … the relationship hurdles for these two never end.

Has ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Victoria Fuller been terrible since junior high?

Recently, an alleged former classmate of Fuller took to Twitter to share a not-so-nice message about her.

“I went to middle school with one of the contestants on the Bachelor,” they tweeted, “and she bullied me so hard for having dark arm hair that I shaved them for the next 7 years over fear of looking ‘like a gorilla.’” The Twitter account later confirmed: “it was #victoriafuller on @BachelorABC and she was a living nightmare that harassed an incredible amount of people.”

Sounds like Fuller has been quite the pot-stirrer for some time. We just hope the bachelor Peter Weber sees it before its too late.