‘The Bachelor’: Here’s Why Hannah Ann Sluss Wasn’t Surpised to See Pictures of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Together

Oh, Peter Weber. What a tangled web you weave.

Weber didn’t come out of his season of The Bachelor in the best light. But that’s what happens when you propose to one girl, then leave her for another girl, only to break up with the second girl. And now, Weber has thrown yet another person in the mix.

Despite being engaged to Weber just months ago, Hannah Ann Sluss is not worried about what he is doing or the pictures that just surfaced of Weber frolicking around with Kelley Flanagan.

Chris Harrison, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Peter Weber
Chris Harrison, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Hannah Ann and Peter Weber’s relationship

After Madison Prewett sent herself home, Weber proposed to Sluss. Later, he decided that he wasn’t fully invested in his relationship with Sluss and would rather be with Prewett. So, he called off their engagement. When Sluss saw him at the “After the Final Rose” ceremony, she told him off.

“I knew things were definitely off between us, but walking into and hearing that you couldn’t give me your full heart, that was very blindsiding to me,” Sluss said to him. “You knew what to tell me to keep me with you. One of the most important things was that letting me walk away would be the biggest regret of your life. Words are powerful, Peter. Either you don’t mean what you say or you don’t understand the weight of your words and how they impact people. So which one is it?”

Since then, Sluss has been making lots of social media content and living what seems to be her best life, sans Weber.

Hannah Ann reacts to Peter and Kelley

Flanagan didn’t even make it to Weber’s top three, yet recently photos surfaced of the two hanging out and getting cozy, despite Flanagan insisting that she wasn’t dating Weber.

When Sluss went on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, he, of course, asked her how she felt seeing the photos.

 “On a scale of one to ten, how annoyed were you when you saw the Peter and Kelley photos?” he asked. “Did you think it was A, super tacky and slap in your face or B, totally tacky and a slap in your face or C, unbelievably tacky and a slap in the face?”

“I’m not giving either of them my face to slap,” she responded. “At the end of the day, I’m single, Peter’s single, Kelley’s single, we’re all single. Good for them if that’s the case. When you’ve just been through so much crap and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, little things like that don’t drag you down that much…I’m just glad I’m out of it…It’s definitely confusing, but maybe it will work out for them and he’ll be decisive about her.”

Though she never really saw Flanagan and Weber getting back together, she wasn’t exactly surprised.

“Honestly, when I saw it, I wasn’t really surprised,” she said. “I really wasn’t cause that’s just the pattern of how everything’s been going—just like all over the place, has no direction, so I wasn’t really surprised.”

After the pictures surfaced, Sluss deleted all evidence of Weber from her Instagram.