‘The Bachelor’ Himself Reveals the Hannah Brown/Peter Weber Moment You Didn’t See on TV

The Bachelor fans have been reeling all week from Hannah Brown’s surprise appearance on the season premiere. Peter Weber, the suitor she rejected, is the new Bachelor. Before he could even have a group date with some of his new potential fiances, Hannah showed up to shake things up.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber | ABC/Eric McCandles

Hannah hosted Peter’s first group date, but Peter took the opportunity to have some one on one time with her and hash out all the unresolved issues from their Bachelorette season. Weber revealed to the Television Critics Association there was even more between himself and Hannah that didn’t make it to air. The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

You never see everything on ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor films for weeks to get enough footage to air a few hours a night. Of course there are lots of moments that don’t make the final cut. That’s what DVD and web exclusive extras are for. One would hope that the best stuff still makes it into the show, but Peter Weber said they just can’t.

Peter Weber and his 'Bachelor' contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin
Peter Weber and his Bachelor contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin

“I guess the main thing is obviously you film a lot more than can be aired just because TV, there’s only so many hours the show can be on air,” Weber said. “There’s a lot of great moments that just isn’t possible to make it on the air, but I still have those memories and I’ll never forget them for me, and I know woman as well.”

‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison weighs in on Hannah Brown’s return

As the host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison knew what they had in store for Peter Weber. He thought it would be good television to spring Hannah Brown on him at the beginning of his own Bachelor experience, but even Harrison didn’t expect what came next.

“It was supposed to be honestly kind of fun and light for her to come back on the date,” Harrison said. “We did not intend on them really even sitting down and having a talk.”

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | ABC/John Fleenor

The Bachelor loves to create awkward moments and reuniting Hannah Brown with Peter certainly fit that bill.

“It was intended to be she was going to run the date. Yes, it was going to be awkward because she was there talking about the windmill, but we were supposed to really get to the part where there was a live audience. The girls had to perform in front of a live audience.”

Peter Weber reveals his Hannah Brown moment you never saw

Peter Weber and Chris Harrison promise next week’s episode of The Bachelor deals with the fallout of Hannah Brown’s appearance. What you won’t get to see is this moment Weber shared with reporters.

The Bachelor: Peter Weber
Peter Weber | ABC/John Fleenor

“It was a really cool goodbye with Hannah,” Weber said. “I walked back to the limo and had a really nice sweet goodbye there. She wished me luck said some really encouraging words and I felt really good going into that first speech with the women after. There’s tons of those moments its just there’s only so much time.”