‘The Bachelor’: How Is Peter Weber Doing Now That Both His Relationships Have Ended?

Peter Weber didn’t fare too well on his season of The Bachelor. After spending months boasting that his season would not be spoiled, fans were not too happy to learn that the reason it wasn’t spoiled was because Weber was almost incapable of making decisions. After ending things with both Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss, Weber has stayed largely out of the limelight. Sluss and Prewett, on the other hand, are living it up and showing off on social media.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Peter Weber’s breakups

The two-part finale of Weber’s season was absolute chaos. First, his mom told him in no uncertain terms not to choose Prewett, then Prewett sent herself home. After Sluss was the only choice left, Weber proposed to her. Later, he broke up with her, claiming that he couldn’t be 100% in the relationship. When Sluss finally saw Weber at the live finale, she told him off.

“I knew things were definitely off between us, but walking into and hearing that you couldn’t give me your full heart, that was very blindsiding to me,” she said to him. “You knew what to tell me to keep me with you. One of the most important things was that letting me walk away would be the biggest regret of your life. Words are powerful, Peter. Either you don’t mean what you say or you don’t understand the weight of your words and how they impact people. So which one is it?”

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After his awkward reunion with Sluss, Weber revealed that he and Prewett were seeing each other again. But just two short days later, they announced their split as well.

“So incredibly thankful for this amazing journey I’ve had the honor of being a part of,” Prewett wrote on Instagram. “I have grown so much and am stronger than I was going in. I have learned the importance of acceptance, forgiveness, and grace. As Peter and I have decided to go our separate ways, I am confident that we will both move in the direction of our purpose and never forget that God has a plan in all things. I will always love and respect him. I am convinced our paths were meant to cross and we are both better because they did. @pilot_pete you are an amazing guy and I’m thankful for you. I will always be your biggest fan. And to the amazing women I met this season, I will love you for life. Thank you @abcnetwork for allowing me to embark on this journey.”

Post-Bachelor lives

Since announcing his split from Prewett, Weber has been pretty silent on social media. The women, on the other hand, have both been active post-split.

Prewett recently posted a victorious picture of herself with her fist in the air and the caption,”Well this Monday is a little different.. Also hope everyone is staying safe.”

Sluss even commented on Prewett’s pic, ” “Cutie ❤️😘” So there must not be any hard feelings between the two.

Sluss has been very active since she split from Weber. She went on The Ellen Degeneres Show and has even started a new Instagram series called “Finasco to Fabulous” to document how she got over Weber.

Maybe Weber will come back to social media after all of the Bachelor hype dies down. Until then, we’ll just keep watching Prewett and Sluss have fun.