‘The Bachelor’: How Peter Weber’s Mom Barbara Is Handling All of the Criticism from Fans

Barbara Weber is not one to play with. This season of The Bachelor, she made it clear that she likes what she likes and is not afraid to tell you if she doesn’t like something. Her emotional reaction to one of the women had been teased all season long. She ended up being a major part of the finale, much more so than any parent in previous seasons. Since the finale aired, she hasn’t received the best feedback from fans, so how is she handling all of the comments?

Peter and Barbara Weber
Peter Weber and Barbara Weber | Instagram @sweetnums

What happened on the finale?

Last night’s finale might have actually been the most dramatic one yet. Peter Weber proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss after Madison Prewett eliminated herself. This elated Barbara as she told Peter, in no uncertain terms, that Sluss was the one for him.

Later, Peter realized that he couldn’t give his all to Sluss so he called off the engagement and reunited with Prewett.

Why doesn’t Barbara like Madison?

When Prewett and Sluss went to visit Peter’s family in Australia, they had two very different experiences. According to Barbara, Sluss treated her with a lot of love and was very warm. She was also very clearly in love with Peter.

Prewett, on the other hand, made Peter’s family wait for three hours because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to meet them, according to Barbara. She also claimed that Prewett told her that she was not fully in love with Peter.

On last night’s finale, Barbara made it clear that her feelings about Prewett had not changed despite her son ultimately choosing her.

“He’s going to have to fail to succeed,” Barbara said of Peter dating Prewett. “That’s it. All his friends, his family, everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work. We’ve been trying to tell him.”

Fan reactions to Barbara

Though some people loved that Barbara spoke her mind, most thought that she was too hard on Prewett and too lenient with Peter.

“Barbara is every girl’s nightmare,” one fan tweeted. “A mother who refuses to hold her son accountable and chooses to speak down on any woman who doesn’t bow down to him and let him do whatever he wants.”

“When you thought Barbara crying was the moment you were waiting for but turned out to be the most annoying thing this season,” another person wrote.

“Madison just showed every young woman how to stand up for what they believe in and to never waiver, and Barbara just showed every young woman how not to be a mother to their children,” one fan said.

“Y’all remember when Mykenna said ‘I am not the villain of this season’? You were right girl, it’s Barbara Weber,” another person wrote.

How is Barbara handling the backlash?

Barbara’s Instagram has become a hotbed of angry comments. Fans have left a number of hateful messages under many of her photos.

“I’m sure Madison’s parents aren’t thrilled their daughter picked your son after he slept around and proposed to someone else but I promise they aren’t rolling their eyes and criticizing Peter for it,” one person wrote under a recent picture. “You suck.”

One person, however, did come to Barbara’s defense.

“Can people please leave her alone!” the fan wrote. “Barb, I think you did the right thing.”

But Peter’s mom is apparently letting all of the hate slide off her back.

“Thanks but I ignore all negatives!!” Barbara wrote.