‘The Bachelor’: How Well Do Victoria P. and Alayah Really Know One Another?

Is it just us or has Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor descended into complete mayhem? The show has become less about love and more about the women feuding with one another. The drama was really brought to a head when Alayah Benavidez returned this week after being eliminated.

Last week, Benavidez was sent home after multiple women claimed that she was fake and Victoria Paul told Weber that Benavidez asked her to lie about their friendship.

Alayah Benavidez and Peter Weber
Alayah Benavidez and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

When Benavidez returned, she and Paul’s stories were conflicting. So, what’s the truth? How well do Paul and Benavidez actually know one another?

Why did Alayah get sent home?

Last week, the women made it a point to tell Weber how fake they thought Benavidez was. They said that she turned her personality on for the cameras and expressed concerns that the former beauty queen was not there for the right reasons.

But the nail in Benavidez’s coffin really came when Paul accused her of trying to lie.

“It’s difficult for me to be in this position, but I know she asked me to not tell producers that we knew each other … Looking back, she did ask me to lie and that’s not who I am,” Paul told Weber.

“Coming into this, she was really looking forward to all the opportunities to come from this even if you weren’t her husband,” she continued.

Later, Weber used this information to send Benavidez home.

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Do Victoria and Alayah know each other?

During her conversation with Weber, Paul said that she had spoken to Benavidez for a total of about three hours throughout their entire relationship. But when she returned, Benavidez claimed that they were actually friends.

The two reportedly met when competing for Miss USA together. If you go to Benavidez’s Instagram, you can also see that the two went to the same Sheri Hill event in 2018.

“What a perfect night with all of my gorgeous @missusa sisters! I can’t think of a better way to watch @missuniverse than at the @sherrihill show room with this incredible company💕
I can’t wait to take on Miss USA with all of these beauties,” she wrote along with pictures of her and all of the other USA contestants in attendance.

And in May of 2019, Benavidez made another post about how close she got to the other Miss USA women.

“Even though I did not walk away with the title of Miss USA, I walked away with 50 beautiful friendships that will last me my entire life,” she wrote on Instagram. “These girls are so supportive and wonderful and it never once felt like a competition with all of these beauties cheering each other on.”

In her confrontation with Benavidez and Weber, Paul even admitted that she and Benavidez went to Las Vegas together.

So, it’s clear that the two were actually friends before they came into the house. Why Paul was lying about it and trying so hard to get rid of Benavidez has yet to be revealed. Hopefully, Weber can figure out how to put an end to all of this drama before the rest of the women give up on him and the experience.