‘The Bachelor’: Is Queen Victoria Larson Dating Anyone After Being Dumped by Matt James?

Last week, Matt James shocked fans and the rest of the contestants when he sent Queen Victoria Larson home on The Bachelor. Victoria going home was surprising mostly because she was a major point of contention this season, and as longtime fans of the show know, producers love to keep villains around for as long as possible. When exiting, Victoria made it clear that she was over Matt. Is she dating someone new now?

Matt James and Victoria Larson on 'The Bachelor' sitting on the couch talking
Matt James and Victoria Larson on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Victoria Larson was a villain on ‘The Bachelor’

From night one, Victoria made it clear that she did not come on the show to make friends. She pulled Matt aside multiple times, even when other women hadn’t had a chance to talk to him. She spoke over other women and talked down to them almost as soon as she got to the house.

Things only got worse over time. When five new women entered the house, Victoria took it upon herself to haze them. When Catalina Morales walked into the cocktail party wearing a crown, Victoria took it off of her head and put it on her own.

Matt finally sends Victoria home

On last week’s episode, Matt had seemingly had enough of the bullying. He started the night by sending Anna Redman home for accusing Brittany Galvin of being an escort. As a last ditch effort to stay, Victoria began apologizing to the people she had wronged. But not everyone accepted her tardy apologies.

“The main thing that aggravated me is with Victoria,” Ryan Claytor told Matt. “It’s things left and right, it’s in my face. On my very first group date, she made a cheers to the OGs. It’s constant. She told me to my face that because I’m a dancer, she flat out stated that I was a h*. She laughed about it after. It’s just hard for somebody to say that about you when it’s not true.”

Upon hearing that she was outed, Victoria tried to make amends with Matt.

“Ryan told me that she was upset about the OG cheers, so there’s definitely some things I can work on,” she told Matt.

But Matt wasn’t happy with Victoria’s actions.

“It was so hard when it was brought to my attention by Katie [Thurston] that there’s toxicity in the house,” he told the cameras. “I didn’t know any of this was going on. Before I could even ask Ryan a question, she started crying. It was kind of similar to how my conversation with Brittany went about Anna. Now, I’m doing the other women a disservice by not making this a safe space for everybody. People’s words are so powerful.”

During the rose ceremony, he sent Victoria home.

Is Victoria Larson dating someone new?

Before walking out the door, Victoria made sure everyone knew she was not sad about losing Matt.

“I honestly feel sorry for you that you’d listen to hearsay and not all the facts on a situation” she told him. “So, goodbye.”


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It’s been months since filming wrapped so Victoria could have already moved on to a new relationship by now. Her social media accounts, however, don’t give any hints that the queen may have found a new beau. She could either be keeping a new relationship private or be holding out to land a spot on Bachelor in Paradise.