‘The Bachelor’ Kelley Flanagan Responds to Madison Prewett’s Rude TikTok in the Classiest Way

The wild turn of events that was Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor did not end with the finale. Two days after the live reunion show, Madison Prewett and Pilot Pete went their separate ways. Only a few short weeks later, Weber was spotted quarantining with Kelley Flanagan in Chicago, Illinois. Flanagan was fourth in Weber’s season, so many fans commented that he kept on going down the line of women. 

Kelley, Madison, Tammy, Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, and Victoria P. on a group date with Peter Weber

How did Madison Prewett throw shade at Kelley Flanagan with a TikTok video?

Prewett produced a rendition of the Bachelor girls getting ready — the quarantine edition. Each woman included a video of herself before makeup, outfit, and hairstyling. The women in the video, in addition to Prewett, include Tammy Ly, Mykenna Dorn, Kelsey Weier, Deandra Kanu, and Kiarra Norman. 

After a clip of the girl before getting ready, they wave their makeup brush over the camera and reveal their new style. Lastly, they toss the brush to the next girl, who catches it and shows her before and after. 

The song the women chose for the video is the real indication of how they all feel about their former Bachelor, Pilot Pete — “I can take your man if I want to,” by Mahogany Lox. 

“I can take your man if I want to (want to), but lucky for you, I don’t want to (want to),” are the lyrics of the song that played throughout the before and afters. Fans believed immediately that the song was meant to throw shade at Flanagan since she is the one currently with Weber. The women can take her man, but they don’t want to.

How did Kelley Flanagan respond to Madison Prewett’s TikTok?

A day after Prewett’s TikTok went viral, Flanagan posted an innocent photo of her with her dogs. In the comments of the photo is where her response is buried. 

“Why don’t you make a TikTok shading this season’s contestants because they all shaded you in a TikTok, and Madi out of all people shaded you the most,” wrote the fan. “So, just make a TikTok about how immature half of them were.”

However, Flanagan responded in the classiest way, “It’s not worth it.”

She won’t give those girls the time of day.

Madison claims the TikTok was only a joke — not meant to be mean toward Kelley

When asked where Flanagan was, Prewett responded, “With our ex.” The comment fueled rumors that there is bad blood between the two women. However, Prewett remains steadfast that her comment was not meant to be mean.

“Lollllll, it was just a joke!! No shade,” Prewett wrote on the Bachelor Nation news story. “All the love for both of them.”

Flanagan and Prewett were close friends after the filming of The Bachelor — often posting pictures together on Instagram. However, since Weber is crushing on Flanagan, fans believe the women’s friendship status is on the rocks. 

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